3 Programs Your Legal Department Should Use

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If you get injured on your job, there are specific steps that you must take to ensure that your injury gets documented and that you get the best support and care possible. In addition to notifying your company’s human resources department, you want to see a doctor immediately and make sure to inform them that your injury happened at work. Because your care after the damage may be part of a court record, make sure that you tell your doctor exactly what happened and where you feel pain. Additionally, you’ll want to find a great workers’ compensation attorney to help you.

Continue reading to discover some characteristics of a good law firm and three programs that your attorney’s office should use to get the best results for you.

Finding a reasonable attorney may be easy, but you want to ensure that the firm has what it takes to ethically and effectively take care of your claim. Some attorneys have a conflict of interest that you may not have known about previously. It is essential to ensure that they have no connection to the place you were injured. Some other characteristics that you’ll want in a law firm are:

  • Clean and well organized
  • Competent attorneys
  • Loyalty
  • Accommodating
  • Know the community
  • Accountability
  • Embrace technology
  • Leadership

In addition to these characteristics, having specific programs to track case statuses and get the best case information are:

1. Task Management System

Law offices use task management system tools to help employees prioritize tasks. They help employees stay organized by assisting them in planning, tracking, and executing tasks. Most task management systems have grids for checkmarks next to completed assignments and show which job still needs to be done.

Simply put, task management systems help employees stay focused and on task. Any firm using this program is more organized and on top of its duties and responsibilities. Therefore, when used properly, task management systems can:

  • Increase a firm’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Manage and organize a firm’s workload.
  • Improve the quality of work for a firm’s employees.
  • Drive collaboration among a firm’s employees.
  • Significantly reduce wasted time.
  • Help employees meet deadlines.

2. Legal Spend Management Software

Your lawyer’s office is responsible for a lot more than simply getting a settlement in your case. Imagine hiring an L&I attorney, and you are seeing multiple doctors and physical therapists; they are paying expenses not covered by your insurance. If your doctor becomes an expert witness in your case, they are paying the fee that your doctor will change. Suppose your injury is rare, and there are only a few specialists who can testify to how that injury affects you. In that case, your lawyer will arrange for that doctor or specialist to come to town for your trial, food & lodging and an expert report. Your attorney needs a specialized system to keep track of all these expenses.

Legal spend management software makes it easy to log expenses incurred in your case, making it easy for them to tally and collect when you receive a settlement. Legal spend management leaves the attorney more time for your case and less time worrying about whether expenses are properly calculated.

Some Other benefits of a legal spend management software system are:

  • Close monthly expenses more manageable.
  • Determine the average money spent on cases.
  • Avoid duplicate costs and fees.

3. Contract Lifecycle Management

Can you imagine having to create a new contract for each client every time you need one? Or, manually figure out when contract terms, renewals, and compliance policies need updating or editing? That is why contract lifecycle management is such an effective tool. It takes the guesswork or manual checking out of contracts.

Contract lifecycle management tools allow firms the comfort of updating contacts as needed when that time comes. Otherwise, much of their work would be voided due to outdated contracts.

As you have read, being injured on the job is about more than just taking a few days off. There are steps that you must take to protect yourself and get the compensation you deserve. A lot of that has to do with what law firm you chose and if they have these three tools in place to handle your needs.

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