5 Major Differences In B2B & B2C Marketing

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You have more than likely heard about B2B and B2C marketing and have been curious as to what the difference is. There are several major differences in B2B and B2C marketing, but both are great for getting businesses out there and profiting. Below are the five key differences you will see in these marketing options.

1. Customer Profile

A consumer loves to have a streamlined shopping website. It needs to be convenient for it to be able to appeal to customers. Customers do not want to deal with any problems while shopping. If a company has a shopping cart that does not work properly or the checkout system is complicated, most people will not be happy. With B2C, the point is to try to get that person to the checkout, enter their credit card information, and quickly be done with the purchase.

With B2B e-commerce, the buyer will be motivated professionally. It is their job to find a supplier, and they are not that worried about convenience. They are more worried about their bottom dollar and how much they are paying. A B2B platform will allow multiple accounts from businesses and have a managerial account that will approve the transaction once they are satisfied that their needs and the bottom dollar have been met.

2. Business Negotiation

When you are selling things like perfumes, soaps, phones, and clothing, you do not have to negotiate with the customers. This is different when using the B2B model, as you will need to have negotiating skills. You may need to negotiate things like price, quality, debt collection, shipping, payment, and more.

3. Customer Relationships

When doing a B2B model, this relies on long-term relationships with all the customers. These customers will need to be happy with the supplier as they will order things multiple times. The platform needs to make reordering easy so that people keep coming back. With B2C, a long-term customer relationship is great but not as much as a B2B model, and it will all depend on what you are selling and if it is something that will be needed over and over again. For example, if you have a one-of-a-kind outfit, the customer may purchase, and you may never see that customer again.

4. System Integration

When you want a successful online business, you will want to have an eCommerce system that is fully integrated into the business. However, if you are using a B2C model, you do not have to have a website that features a complicated system. If you are doing a B2B business, you will need that complicated trading system because if you have a big customer, you will not be able to take care of them without these features. Imagine having to make sure you have all the payment gateways, contracts, shipping, emails, quotes right in your hand. You need to have a system that can operate without a human being all the time.

5. Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing focuses on a target market, while a B2C business will have a broad demographic that it can reach depending on the product. No matter whether or not you choose B2B marketing or B2C marketing, you will still need to ensure that you have a good advertising platform. This is true even if you are only going to focus on a target market. In order to help you market, you should use digital marketing. You can find digital marketing agencies in Kansas that can help you come up with marketing ideas that will reach your customer base in no time.

Whether you choose B2B or B2C is up to you and will depend on your business plan for the future. If you are only planning on reaching a small target audience and you plan to work hard on your website automation, you should choose B2B. If you prefer to have a simple website that customers can purchase a broad array of items, you will want to choose B2C. No matter which business style you use, you will want to focus on building your business up and advertising. If you have a specific targeted market, you will want to make sure that you reach out to them and make it so that your website is easy to order from. If you choose a B2C, you will also want to make sure that you advertise well and have a well-working website.

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