5 Outdoor Adventures to Take Your Family On

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The summer is a great time to take outdoor adventures with your family. There are many different outdoor adventures that you and your family can go on. Here are five outdoor adventures that would be fun for everyone in the family.

Bike Rides

Bike riding is a great outdoor adventure for you and your family to do together. There are specific trails that are suited for bike riders, but you and your family can ride your bikes almost anywhere.

Bike rides are great for spending time with the family, and bike rides are a great way to get some exercise in. Leisurely bike rides are a great way to burn off some extra calories. If you and your family are competitive, then you can race each other on bikes. Racing bikes is a great way to get the heart rate up and a good sweat going, which will burn a good number of calories.

Hiking Trips

Hiking trips can also be a great outdoor adventure for you and your family to partake in. Like biking, there are trails that are made specifically for hiking. However, you do not have to use these trails. Hiking is a long walk, so you can hike anywhere you would like.

Most hiking trails are out in the wilderness and are known for having nice scenic views along the trail. Hiking on a trail can be a great way for you and your family to enjoy nature. Also, hiking can be a good source of exercise. Walking on different terrain and up hills can help strengthen the legs and burn some extra calories. TrailLink allows you to search for hiking trails available nearby. 


Fishing is a very peaceful outdoor adventure that you can enjoy with your family, but fishing is not for everyone. When you go fishing you must have a lot of patience because there are times when you are not getting anything to bite. This can cause a lot of people to get frustrated, which can cause them to not enjoy fishing.

There are many ways to fish. One of the most common ways to fish is fly fishing, but all forms of fishing require certain equipment to be successful. If you are going to go fly fishing with your family, then you will want to get some fly-fishing gear. The Blue Quill Angler is a company that supplies quality fly fishing gear, and you should check out their gear before you go on your next trip.

If you do not enjoy the actual act of fishing, then you can still accompany the rest of your family on the trip. You can chill out on the boat and enjoy the company of your family and relax while you are getting some sun out on the water.


Kayaking is an outdoor adventure that you can take your family on, but it may require some practice at first. Kayaking requires each person in the kayak to propel the kayak forward. If you have never kayaked before then there may be a learning curve when you first start. However, if you go with your family, then it should be a fun way to learn to kayak.

If you and your family are experienced at kayaking, then you can compete and race each other. Kayaking is a great workout for your back because of the constant paddling that you are doing. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure that is also a workout, then kayaking is definitely what you want to do.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is a much more relaxed outdoor adventure that you and your family can do, especially if your family likes photography. A photo scavenger hunt is where you take pictures of specific things that you encounter while you are walking around nature. You will set a list of things that you aim to take pictures of and at the end of the day you see who has taken pictures of the most items on the list.


There are plenty of other outdoor adventures that you can take your family on depending on what they like to do. This list includes adventures for families that are not experienced with the outdoors and trips for families that are professional outdoorsmen. Just remember that these adventures are a great time to bond and spend time with your family.

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