5 Steps to Take After a Malware Attack

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In any enterprise, we always have a weak link in the security chain, which is the employees. Security experts always try to do some hardening to make sure their data is secure. However, at times human errors occur, and this gives a chance to cybercriminals. Unlike in the past, the attackers used high volumes of emails to target individuals; they have now upgraded to using ransomware. The attackers now have key targets whereby they demand large ransoms. Through these weak links, enterprises have continued to suffer at the hands of attackers. Attackers continue to hit targets where the pockets are deeper. Ransomware has become one of the biggest risks in business today.

We will have a look at what actions you should take in case your organization falls into the hand of these attackers.

Disconnect from the Network

Anytime you notice a ransomware attack before taking any other action, the first thing you should do is to disconnect your machine from the network connectivity. Before you even confirm the legitimacy of the attack or checking if your files are intact, this is what you should do. The faster you disconnect your machine from the network, the lesser the risk of losing more. If you are on potentially dangerous sites, make sure to avoid clicking on any pop-up ads. If you are doing something such as FS1 live streaming for free, you want to make sure you choose the right sites that will not attack your computer. Disconnecting your machine will also prevent the attack from going to other network drives that are attached to the machine.

Have an IT expert Determine the Cause of the Attack

After you have disconnected your machine from the network, the next step is to call the information security team. This team will help you to determine the root cause of this attack. They will also have to check if the attack has infected other devices as different ransomware have different characteristics. For the team to respond in the right manner, they have to determine the type of attack. Another thing they will have to determine is the compromised party on the network and the kind of permissions the compromised party has. Sometimes it might just be scareware that is tricking you into sending money. Therefore, it is very important to have a good IT service provider like the Managed IT services provider Boston offers solutions to your IT problems.

Inform the Authorities and Communicate to Employees

Malware or ransomware is a crime and should be reported. This is a kind of digital heist and also theft. Immediately after knowing what has happened from your team, the next step should be to report to the authorities. If you have determined the attack is legitimate, you shouldn’t have a second thought. If you are in an organization, the employees should also be informed of the attack. This will create awareness and prevent the other members from falling into a similar trap. This will also act as a form of education and awareness that will help prevent any future attacks.

Do not Backup or Pay Ransoms

There might be a recent backup on your device that might be compromised. If you are in such a situation, then removing the malware will be the easiest task. All you have to do is to clear your machine and then restore your data from backup. If there is no backup available, it will be a tough decision for you to make as you have to choose between losing the data and paying the ransom. If the data in your machine is so crucial, like for hospitals, then you have to pay the ransom. However, it is not always good to pay all ransoms as it creates a basis for more attacks.

Harden Security and Submit the Malware to Security Vendors

After managing your current malware, you should make sure that you do not fall into such a trap again. The malware at times helps you to determine the security gaps that might be there in your organization. Therefore, this means you need to harden your security system. Another thing you should do is to educate your employees on how to handle such cases. You should also notify the security vendors in case the malware is not on their threat database. Make sure to Fighting malware is a duty everyone in the community should take part in.


These steps are the best any person or organization can follow in case they are attacked by malware. You should stay informed and try as much as possible to tighten your security to avoid these attacks.

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