5 Things You Need for Your Renovation Project

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Do you want to renovate your house, but you are not sure where to start? Do not fret; plenty of homeowners begin to work on a renovation project with absolutely no idea of what to do or expect. Renovations come with a whole process and a world of possibility to work on new rooms, space, and light. Embarking on a renovation project can be fun and exciting; however, the project might end up being very frustrating and more costly than you expected. There is always that sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after you complete a renovation project, and you get to step back and admire your handiwork. To make your life easier and help ensure that you complete the job quickly and effectively, you will need a few things to smoothen the renovation process. With preparation and adequate shopping, your home renovation process can be like a walk in the park. 

Here are a few things you will need for your renovation project: 

1. An approval or permit

When working on a renovation project on your house, you are required to seek approval that is typically referred to as a Development Application/Assessment (DA). There is no specific time frame for these applications to be approved; however, it all depends on your local council. You will find that some applications take a few weeks while others tend to take months before getting the go-ahead to start renovation on your home. To deal with this aspect of the renovation, you can either hire an architect or a draftsperson who is fully aware of the ongoings of the local council. It would be much easier to rely on these individuals to apply for you because it might prove very challenging to do so by yourself. The local council would require a submission of architectural drawings and other forms of paperwork before approving the renovation process. You should also note that not all renovations need approval from the local council. 

2. Construction materials

When setting out to renovate your space, you will need various construction materials such as wood, concrete, cement, or post shores. It is essential that you do plenty of research on the house and the materials that are compatible with the structure of your space. Using the wrong materials could lead to setbacks such as cracking, water penetration, and even structural failure. As much as you would like to use modern materials in your renovation project, it is essential to note that some of these materials cannot maintain the breathable performance of the building fabric. This is because they are designed to restrict moisture movement.

3. Decor Materials

After renovating a space, adding decor materials introduces your style and gives your project much more sophistication. Decor materials are used to enhance the outlook of a space. These materials may include indoor plants, mirrors, wall prints, and art. It is essential not to move in these materials before completing work on the drywall, refinishing hardwood floors, or painting ceilings as it could get messy and ruin your decor items. 

4. Appliances

After doing a space remodel, you might want to bring in new appliances that fit the new look. Nowadays, these appliances are just not to be used for their functionality but can be used as a design element. When buying new appliances, invest in a high-style range or appliances that complement your renovation project.

5. Paint, Wallpaper, and Other Surface Finishes

 Are you looking for a way to breathe new life into your lackluster walls? After completing your renovation project, adding a layer of wallpaper or paint is one way to add that oomph your space needed. There are various colors and finishes for you to choose from when it comes to painting and several colors and patterns for wallpapers. You will also need tools associated with it, such as paintbrushes, paint rollers, and cushions that will help you do a perfect paint job.


When it comes to renovation, keep in mind that small mistakes while shopping for your project can cost you dearly. A significant percentage of the expenses will be due to materials you will purchase, so you must be mindful. You can buy well-tested quality materials from trusted local vendors to ensure that your project is an overall success, so you don’t have to do the work twice.

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