A Guide to Chemical Peels and Their Benefits

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Introduction: What Chemical Peels can do for you!

Chemical peels are one of the most innovative and viable options on the market and are an excellent alternative to invasive surgery. They help to revitalize the skin and can treat stubborn problem areas. Here you will discover the variety available and can determine which one is right for your individual skin situation. These peels can truly change your life, but there are still some side effects to consider.

Light Chemical Peels

Light peels are a good place to start if you’re uncertain about using chemical applications. These are for people with minor skin problems such as acne and they are highly effective in reducing the amount of downtime after using. This is the go-to option for many and you will find that it is highly effective in the long run. You will need to conduct multiple treatments over a certain period of time to start seeing noticeable results, but it definitely works well in reducing minor blemishes and other skin problems. These are honestly where most people should start when trying chemical peels to get a feel for the process and reduce the amount of recovery. It’s usually around a week. If you’re looking for more information surrounding these chemical peels then you can visit here where they expand on the topic further. Light chemical peels are the way to go if you’re experiencing only minor signs of aging or perhaps have some stubborn scars that need addressing. These are also the cheaper option to consider if you’re on a budget.

Medium Chemical Peel

The medium chemical peel takes a middle-ground approach to addressing general skin abnormalities. A 15 tca chemical peel is highly effective in treating external sensitive skin on the face. Trichloroacetic Acid is the specific chemical we are dealing with here and it’s highly effective for acne scarring, wrinkles, deep lines, and much more. Essentially, it effectively removes the outer layer of the epidermis on the skin and this sounds scary at first but there is a reason for it. When your body heals after the chemical application you will notice that the skin is far smoother and more beautiful than before. The deeper penetration of the medium chemical peel here allows for the treatment of advanced signs of aging and you won’t have to worry about visiting the doctor to get these addressed with ease. It is the best option for reducing apparent signs of aging that can cause panic at first. The recovery time for one of these peels is usually 1-2 weeks. It’s important to factor the recovery time into any other plans you make past the procedure. 

Deep Chemical Peels

This is by far the most aggressive approach to chemical peeling, but some severe situations will call for it. These have the deepest penetration of the three and are not for the faint of heart. You will find that they can help remedy severe discoloration in the skin or noticeable scarring. Deeper wrinkles are more effectively addressed with these peels and they are a highly concentrated product at around 50% TCA. These are also the pricier option and will require a significant investment to attain them. The recovery time is much lengthier and can take around 2-4 weeks before you can get back to your daily routine. This downtime has been reported as arduous but necessary. Laser treatment is often considered before a deep chemical peel because many don’t want to heal for longer periods of time. You may experience some redness or inflammation during the recovery process which is why it’s better to start off smaller with a lighter or medium peel and go from there.

Conclusion: Each Peel has a different application but all can help!

All of these chemical peels are viable for helping to revitalize your skin and give you a fresh new appearance. They target even the most daunting challenges regarding acne, wrinkles, and any other signs of aging. Abnormalities on the skin are a part of life, but there are some impressive solutions that are at your disposal to help elevate your sense of self-confidence and propel you forward. Always assess your situation before taking these peels into consideration.

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