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Jenn-Air Rebrand or shall I say Revolt

Jenn-Air Rebrand or shall I say Revolt

Advertising, Branding, Design, Futurism, Tips on Wordpress, Design BlogSubmit User ContentJENN-AIR REBRAND by 45 Irving Chicago based 45 Irving came up with a new re-brand for JENN-AIR a luxury home appliance manufacturer. This video and campaign, and brand direction...

How to hide a Thumbnail in your Blog Post in Divi

Disable Your Featured Thumbnail Image in Divi The answer is literally staring you in the face, if you run into this then I suggest you look straight into the Divi settings before jumping into the single.php or looking for the answer elsewhere. Also if you're not using...

Personal Favorite Brand update of 2017

I have to say out of the most memorable updates of 2017 was Chobani’s re-branding. It definitely deserves the attention it’s getting. They did an amazing job and bringing a more friendly, warm serif typeface to represent the brand and its palette. It’s also a stark change from its modern/bright palette they had prior which I felt was a bit cold and an attempt at being too young and trendy.


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