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So Elon put a TESLA in space

Did I miss something, did I just come late to the party. Elon Musk in his gloriously inventive and absolutely insane glory came up with this marketing ploy, or rather a great way to say that he's invented the first Tesla Roadster sports car that's odometer will never...

Load Your Website Faster on WordPress

Improve Your Website’s Performance and Page Score. Load your website faster on WordPress. Every second of load time will cost you money and exponentially increase your website’s bounce rates, and cart abandonment.

Australian Tourism – Favorite Superbowl 2018 Ad

Source:Ad Age - Commercial by Droga5 Agency. Agency: Droga5 Our favorite ad of the night was by Droga5, the Australian Tourism advertisement for the fake movie Crocodile Dundee. Ironically, this movie would sell maybe they should make it. What was your favorite spot...

When and why you should update your brand strategy?

Why should you update your brand’s strategy?
If you’re asking yourself this question you should probably consider the potential branding challenges that your existing organization or business could be facing.
Have you run into the challenge that your brand is too similarly named or looking to similar to other companies in your space that you need to differentiate your brand from?

Converting Deserts into Green Pastures and Farms

Do we really have the technology to convert deserts into green lands to fight deforestation, and to grow new produce? There is a new story about a Chinese paste that’s being used to grow soil, and it sounds like its straight out of the book “The Martian.”

#PleaseStand a message by Veterans Group Rejected by the NFL

We’re living in a surreal time, where campaigns are being waged left and right over issues that all Americans care about. One thing I always never took for granted though was standing at attention in the honor of those that defended our flag.

Meet the future star of Mall Cop 4. Segway Robot Guard.

Well, watch-out Kevin James, there’s a new Sheriff in town. Segway is up to something straight out of Robocop albeit a little more friendly. Meet Autonomous Response VIA IoT, Segway’s Robot Guard of the future. This debuted at this years CES, and you can find out more about that here.

The Future 3D Scale

  The future 3D scale will show you all your curves and imperfections even your backside. Everything feels more and more Bladerunner these days, from watches that act like desktops and live video chats with friends & family on your TV, desktop, or phone life's...

IS your site’s SEO impacted by Duplicate Content?

When setting up a site there’s so much to know and have experience with, let’s go over a problem I just faced as I recently changed domain names and updated our web presence. When you launch a website Google may or may not list your site if you have a lot of duplicate...

Future Vehicles by Toyota

Toyota's up to conceptualizing a new future for automotive vehicles, and transportation. Their vision includes future vehicles that are little surreal and reminiscent of iRobot. What do you think?   View their whole content over at: Mobility For All The Concept-I by...

All the Good Ideas Come From Space Movies

It's amazing right when you thought you have seen it all. Speed bikes straight out of StarWars are being tested by Dubai's police forces, sort of. And the company that makes them is playing with the concept for a hover-car. It's not quite a space movie but Back to the...

GloriaFood A Restaurant’s Free Payment Tool

After Researching Restaurant Payment Portals I uncovered Which is Offering a Free Version! What's even cooler is that this tool can be integrated neatly into web/social/mobile pretty much out of the box. Yes, there are paid options but even those are...

The best Christmas Ad – Apple’s “Sway Ad”

Two of the best Christmas ad from 2017... Apple Sway Ad Agency: Media Arts Lab Song: “Palace” by Sam Smith Runner-up How the rebels saved Christmas” Agency:...

How to hide a Thumbnail in your Blog Post in Divi

Disable Your Featured Thumbnail Image in Divi The answer is literally staring you in the face, if you run into this then I suggest you look straight into the Divi settings before jumping into the single.php or looking for the answer elsewhere. Also if you're not using...

Personal Favorite Brand update of 2017

I have to say out of the most memorable updates of 2017 was Chobani’s re-branding. It definitely deserves the attention it’s getting. They did an amazing job and bringing a more friendly, warm serif typeface to represent the brand and its palette. It’s also a stark change from its modern/bright palette they had prior which I felt was a bit cold and an attempt at being too young and trendy.

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