Guide to Finding a Law Firm to Represent Your Case

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Many different types of legal situations will require the expertise of an attorney. If you anticipate needing a lawyer for more than one type of situation, you may want to work with a single law firm that handles multiple types of cases. In that situation, the search for a law firm is similar to the search for an individual attorney. In either type of search, it’s important to take your time finding the right representation for your case.

Ask For Recommendations

You should start your search for a law firm to handle your case by asking your friends and co-workers about attorneys they have used. Although there might be some stigma attached to the type of legal matter you’re facing, such as defending against criminal charges, it’s better to shoulder a little embarrassment. Asking around for recommendations can help you find an attorney who is especially well suited to handle your case. You should ask for recommendations from multiple people to help you gather a list of potential law firms. Once you have a few options, you can start narrowing down your choices by evaluating each firm’s reputation.

Look For a Broad Range of Experience

Your next step should be to look for the firms with the most experience. This should involve looking for law firms that handle the type of case you need to be resolved to ensure you can get the specialized type of experience you need. For example, if you’re charged with a DUI, you won’t want to consult a law firm that primarily handles estate planning. You’ll get a better outcome in your case if you hire a firm that has a long history of handling DUI cases. If a firm has multiple attorneys who all handle DUI cases, be sure to ask how much experience each attorney has in handling that type of case. You won’t want to end up with the attorney with the least amount of courtroom experience.

Read Previous Client Reviews

You should take the time to research each law firm online to find out more about the history of each firm. You can start by reading previous client reviews to learn about the reputation each firm has among its clients. When reading reviews, look for common complaints among multiple clients. For example, if several people complain that their cases were primarily handled by paralegals and that they rarely interacted with an actual attorney, that may be a firm to avoid. You can also look for positive commonalities, such as firms that were more communicative with their clients. Finding the best firm can almost ensure you get the best lawyers to represent your case.

Inquire About Track Records

The initial consultation is an opportunity for the attorney to evaluate your case, but you should also use this first meeting to assess the skills of the attorney. One of the things you should try to discern is the attorney’s track record. You can do this by comparing the number of cases an attorney or law firm has handled and comparing that to the number of cases that resulted in a favorable outcome. For example, if the Houston Texas personal injury attorneys at a particular law firm obtained favorable outcomes in 85 out of 100 cases, you know that they have an 85% win rate. For injury claims, a win can be defined as any settlement or lawsuit award, but a favorable outcome in a criminal case may include reduced prison terms in addition to acquittals and dismissals. Be clear in defining what you mean by a “favorable outcome” so you won’t be unintentionally misled.

Evaluate Each Attorney’s Persona

Finally, you should pay attention to the attorney’s demeanor and communication skills. In many situations, a case may be decided by the attorney’s charisma and personality, so you should look for someone with a winning attitude. You will want an attorney who can answer your questions quickly even when they weren’t prepared for a particular question. You should feel confident in their skills since you will rely on them to resolve your case in your favor. If they can’t convince you of their expertise, how will they convince a judge or jury of your claim?

As you meet with a specific attorney within a law firm, you should pay attention to how that attorney makes you feel. Even though they may have passed all of the criteria you have for hiring an attorney, you should also feel confident in any lawyer you plan to hire. If you lack that confidence or mistrust the attorney, it’s perfectly acceptable to take your case to a different law firm.

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