Holiday Shopping Guide: For the Important Women in your Life

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It can seem daunting to buy presents for the people who seem to already have everything they could need. That is where this guide comes in, provided below are several suggestions for presents that will really wow the important women you live, love, and work with. Since not every woman is the same, we have presented multiple options that cover a broad spectrum of interests.

Stylish Clothes

A woman’s closet is ever-growing because she constantly finds articles she likes or needs to throw out. The only way to top a gift of stylish clothes is when those clothes have extra functionality. In that light, we recommend anything from the brand Judy P. This particular brand of women’s clothing has been around for over a decade and their offerings are woven from fabric with a lot of stretches without ever having to worry about wrinkles. The special microfiber in Judy P clothes also means that they can offer dresses with UPF50+, meaning they are perfect for anyone who wants to look good while out in the sun.

Air Fryer

This memetic standard of good living is better known as a convection oven. While you would think that something marketed as a frying device would be good for cooking anything you would want to fry, it is just as viable for baking and reheating foods. The fact that it has a limited capacity for cooking and can fry food without the need for oil also means that it helps limit portion control for women you know are trying to shed some pounds.

Gift Cards

While some may complain that a gift card is like giving cash but worse since it can only be used at certain venues, the idea of gifting someone a gift card or certificate is that you are showing awareness of what they like. Ideally, you are giving this woman a card to spend at a particular vendor she is known to frequent or that sells a lot of the stuff she likes. Just make sure to do your research into matters like expiration dates, unless you are in the state of California; its laws mean that all gift cards must be honored regardless of how long ago their purchase happened.

An Unforgettable Experience

Another approach to gifting for the seemingly “Ungiftable” would be to look beyond the material and give them an experience. “What counts as an experience?” you might ask. In short, an experience is an immaterial activity that will bring her joy.

  • Does she like martial arts movies? Buy her a set of lessons so she can learn the forms and maneuvers from a sensei.
  • Does she like bird-watching? Gift her a trip to some venue known for featuring a wide variety of bird species.
  • Does she like a particular live television program? Gift her tickets to sit in the audience.
  • Does she enjoy gardening in her free time? Gift her tickets to visit a city with a major botanical garden.

These are just a few examples of a suitable gift experience. Much like with gift cards, doing it right is all about matching the venue with the woman.

Something Homemade

Another idea for gifting someone you care deeply about is to make your gift. Making something requires investing your time and resources toward producing something that expresses your admiration and love for the woman you made it for. By that same token, you should not take this advice as an excuse to cobble together some sort of macaroni sculpture for her, outside of a joke that will be followed through with her actual present. No one is saying to mine for gold or gemstones to forge a ring; you simply need to be mindful of what she likes and make something related to that.

Not all handmade gifts need to be tangible objects; if you are skilled with words, there is nothing wrong with writing something honoring your special woman.

Wrapping Things Up

Whether your special person favors making an impression, has some well-known hobbies, loves to cook, or favors a particular brand, you should tailor your gift to those interests. The end goal in gift-giving is showing that you care for her and pay attention to her interests.

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