How to Change Your Perception of Advertising Firm Logo Designing

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It’s often the case that companies that offer a particular service don’t excel at that task for themselves. Accountants often fall behind in doing their own books and in the same manner an advertising firm may get it completely wrong when working on their own marketing approach. It may simply happen because you’re pressed for time, but that doesn’t help you impress the market.

Below you’ll find some valuable tips for the process of creating an advertising logo for your marketing firm. Since originality is essential in any marketing these days, it’s important you don’t limit your creativity when it comes to any marketing aspects of advertising firms. Our tips help you change your perception so you can think outside the box. Get it right, for the long-term benefit of any marketing agency.

Take Your Time with Researching the Market

If you have a background in marketing already, you probably believe you know what’s best. You may be tempted to use only your own perspective when creating a custom brand identity for your advertising firm but it’s always important to check out the competition. Knowing what you’re competing against helps you know what to do better. Also, you may be surprised at the inspiration that comes from market research.

What are Others Doing?

In the age of digital marketing, there are many companies out there offering similar services to the company you’re designing a logo for. It’s important your brand doesn’t look too similar to another. Whether it’s your color palette or the images in the logo, if they match someone else’s too closely, your audience won’t know how to distinguish between the two.

You may even think you have an original idea, while the logo you’re imagining is actually one you saw somewhere and which ended up being stored in your subconscious. Scan existing brands’ designs so you know how to set yourself apart.

What are the Trends?

You can also learn a lot about what will work by studying trends. Even famous brands change over time to keep up with trends, so make sure you don’t create a logo that seems outdated. This could make you seem irrelevant to your modern audience.

Other trends will help you use elements optimally. For example, you may be used to neutral colors or think it suits your brand the best but seeing how others use bright colors could spark new ideas. Since marketing is all about catching attention, picking a different hue than you originally considered could be the key to a successful logo.

Forget Everyone and then Focus on One Niche

Good business sense is to understand exactly what your target audience looks like. This includes age, gender, location, interests, level of education and much more. It’s no different if a company provides advertising services because chances are slim that you’ll cater to everyone’s marketing needs.

Firstly, instead of providing all types of marketing, your agency probably focuses on a niche such as print or digital marketing. This should guide you in choosing elements of your logo, instead of picking images that refer to advertising in general. While eyes and megaphones are popular images that refer to advertising, you may need something more specific to show you’re an expert in print marketing. This can be a pencil or a book. Remember, focusing on a niche while designing your advertising logo will help people know you cater to their specific requirements.

Also consider whether your specific audience will respond to certain colors, words or elements. A law firm looking for an advertising firm may pick an advertising partner that represents what they stand for, such as power and professionalism. In this case, using the powerful color red and professional fonts will seem attractive, much more than a funky, abstract logo. The latter may be more attractive to local restaurants looking for marketing services or even small businesses run by young entrepreneurs.

Avoid the Trap of Trying to be Everywhere

The logo of an advertising firm will be present on all its marketing material so you need to make sure it will work in all those relevant scenarios. This can range from social media posts to being printed in newspapers or displayed on clothing.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that an advertising firm will use all possible platforms though. You may never print that logo on clothing if the firm works remotely and if the ideal client is only active online, marketing will rarely be in print form. That means you don’t have to adjust the logo to suit all these marketing mediums. Optimize it for the platforms you’ll definitely use it in, so it makes the most impact there.

Sacrifice Your Ideas for Group Ideas

Being confident in your job is important and that includes picking a logo for your advertising firm. But confidence should never lead to arrogance and believing you’re always right. Allow your perspective to be moulded by others’ input, both before and after the logo design process. That’s how you eventually get the best possible logo.


You’re welcome to use your existing ideas as a starting point, but instead of committing to it immediately, share it with a group and get their feedback. This can be your employees or business mentors or others who have the advertising firm’s best interests at heart. Now ask for their ideas and brace yourself for their honest opinions. You may end up with something entirely different but more relevant and powerful.


Follow a similar process after deciding on what your advertising firm logo will be. Compile a few different examples, perhaps using different color palettes in each one or using a variety of fonts. Here you can once again ask friends, employees or peers. Also, consider doing a poll online or asking for feedback on a relevant forum. This will give you objective insight into what your logo means to others and show you what final tweaks you need.


Remember that time spent on proper preparation is never wasted. By implementing these techniques for advertising firm logo design and even many other types of companies’ marketing, you make sure the brand stays ahead of its competition.

And if you have more tips about current trends, please don’t hesitate to share in the comment section.  

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