How to Protect your Business’ Internal Security from any Location

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Internal security issues are critical in any business, as most businesses lose revenue from inadequate security measures. In addition, not protecting your business’s internal system will leave it vulnerable to hackers who can access it, causing issues for external sources. Internal security threats may open a business to a breach. Below are some ways to protect your business’s internal system.

Employee Training and Awareness

Hackers and external threats do not cause many cybersecurity threats; employee negligence causes them. When employees are not careful enough, they may cause a data breach causing the company’s downfall because of recovery costs needed after the breach, legal fees, penalties, and losing customer trust.

That is why businesses should conduct training and awareness programs on cybersecurity measures. Most times, minor mistakes cause the most damage. For instance, an innocent file download could cause a data breach. Users should change their passwords regularly to protect themselves from hacking. Businesses should allow employees to skim through the policies and signs and host education sessions to enlighten the employees on how to avoid data breaches. Let your employees know that the business will be at risk if they do not adhere to the requirements. The education sessions and training will equip them on cybersecurity issues and protect the company in return.

Backing up Data

You can protect your business’s internal system by backing up your data to prevent data breaches resulting from internal security threats. A regular data backup plan and protocols can save your business from undergoing data breaches. Backup allows the company to recover information that was lost or revert to data before that system interruption. Most companies experience data loss; therefore, preparing an automated backup protocol is essential. It is also necessary to know that the recent increase in remote work has caused many third-party file sharing applications not to have backup systems in place if an internal error occurs in the business.

Companies who opt to store their data backups offsite should also consider multiple storage options in various areas. That way, if a widespread data breach and loss occurs in one location because of external threats, the company has a secure copy of their recent backup in another satellite location. In industries such as shipping, issues to do with cyber security maritime have a significant potential to affect the crew’s, vessel’s, and cargo’s safety. Therefore, the industry must be well equipped to protect the IT systems and onboard ship hardware from any unauthorized access, which may cause manipulation and disruption.

Securing all the Computers

Users may not be responsible enough for each of their configurations. Therefore, business owners should use programs to lockdown desktops across the company. For instance, you may use group policies for this purpose. Group policies will allow the company security manager to set the OS configuration details and its components and other apps. Therefore, you can change internet explorer’s security zone settings and enforce your business content filtering proxy. You may forbid using unsigned third-party macros on the apps. Microsoft offers a range of tools you can use etc. protect your company from any location.

Implementing Strong Remote Access Controls

Spiteful insiders often choose to attack businesses remotely. This is one way of committing a crime without getting known by other employees. Although allowing remote network access to your employees may increase their productivity and efficiency, some of them may take the advantage to bring your business down. You must be extremely careful with remote access policies. Your most critical business information should not be accessed remotely. You must restrict access to all the systems and data needed for essential job tasks.

Being Cautious about social media

Social media users post all kinds of things on their social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. The profiles of the social media users may include their dates of birth, likes, employment information, etc. A malicious insider may use such information to target their fellow employees who may have unknowingly given out sensitive information. Therefore, businesses should enact clear policies and train their employees on how to use social media appropriately.

Final Thought

Many businesses apply security policies to protect their internal security from any location. Businesses are prone to attacks by cybercriminals who hack into systems to extort money. The hacking may cause a data breach, leading to loss of revenue, distrust by the company’s customers, penalties, and legal cases. Business owners and cybersecurity should not neglect and underestimate the possibilities of internal threats in their companies.

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