How to Speed Up Your Internet While Working From Home

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Worried about ever being productive while working from home? You are not alone. Just because you are on your own time, doesn’t mean that you have the freedom to waste away on your computer screen for hours without proper restraint. Do yourself a favor and follow these simple steps to monitor your internet usage while ensuring that you’re getting work done:

1. Get The Right Equipment

A modem is the first piece of equipment you should buy if you want to monitor your internet usage. Another simple option is to use an old version of AT&T DSL which comes with its own DSL modem. If you’re on WISP service, check with your provider to see what tools they offer for your usage. You’ll be surprised how many tools are offered by poor service providers for free or at a very minimal cost. You can always upgrade if you find that it’s what you really need.

2. The Room Matters

Make sure that your internet monitoring station is as far as possible from any cable, TV, or other distractions. In other words, make sure that this room is as quiet as possible. You’ll be tempted to go out and watch some TV after a long day of work, but you need to stay focused on your job first. If you can’t afford a quiet room at home, then try a coffee shop or any public space that will eliminate the temptation to go online for more than work purposes.

3. Install Your Router at The Correct Height

Your router is your gateway to the Internet. Before you can check your network’s speed and usage, you first need to make sure that the router is at the correct height and distance from your modem. If you set up your router incorrectly, it may post a message like: “The network is down.” When this happens, it could mean that you’re not getting enough speed from your cable provider.

Using an old version of AT&T DSL or DSL modem with no WiMAX capability can be a problem as well because there have been very few changes in routers since cable modems were first introduced. The following video shows how to properly install a router. A digital coaxial cable installed by your cable provider is your answer to a strong and fast connection to the Internet. Make sure that you have the right coaxial cable installed according to industry standards.

4. Find A Central Location for Your Router

The easiest way to check your cable speed is to install your DSL modem and router on a new wireless bridge. Make sure that this new bridge is located in a central place where you can view all of your devices at once. For example, if you have a smart TV, then install the new bridge somewhere near the TV so that you’ll be able to check all of your devices from one central location without having to navigate around many devices. If you have more than one computer or tablet, then install the bridge in an open space where it can relay messages from all of your devices.

5. Disconnect Devices from the WiFi When You’re Not Using Them

One of the easiest ways to improve your internet connection is to set up a schedule that disconnects certain devices from the WiFi when you’re not using them. You can do this by connecting each device to your network manually. The alternative is to use something like Netgear’s Push ‘N’ Connect. This feature allows you to automatically get onto the WiFi without any action on your part.

It’s easy to think that you’re doing something important when you’re surfing the web, checking emails, or playing games. All of those activities can be monitored without having to do anything special.

6. Don’t Use the Microwave or Oven

One of the biggest mistakes that new freelancers make is that they cook while working on their computers. Cooking is one of the most time-consuming activities that you can do while working on your computer. If you’re cooking, then your productivity will be reduced by 50%. Microwaves require high levels of radiation to operate properly. This type of radiation can interfere with WiMAX signals, which may cause you to miss important phone calls or emails.


By using the above simple steps, you’ll be able to monitor your internet usage and work from home effectively while being productive. Remember to disconnect from the WiFi when you’re not using devices so that you’ll have a stronger signal throughout your entire home.

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