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Last night the Oscars Advertisements were my focus, and it provided a unique opportunity for Cambria USA Granite Countertops to create their own legendary Celtic Medieval Fantasy Film announcement for “Legend of Cambria” Featuring narration from Colin Farrell.

Sure we’ve seen fake movie ads before, but I didn’t expect the high-quality 30-second spot for an advertisement to have decent CGI and actually announce a real film. I was surprised that it actually was not a spoof but a real film that they made and self-published, and it actually looks quite good. This tactic reminded me a bit of the Super Bowl’s spoof commercial for Crocodile Dundee 2018 trailer.

I took a gander and watched the entire 42-minute film. It’s definitely not a blockbuster but I’d say the effects, the narration and the storytelling were spot-on with something comparable to an episode of Vikings. I’d say the cinematography was better than most TV programs and I’d say the CGI was top notch. The acting was a bit over the top dramatic but if you wanted to have a good fun jaunt into a medieval film it’s fun and rich albeit a short film.

The 42-minute “Legend of Cambria” movie was produced in partnership with Minneapolis-based space150

And you can find out more about it here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/a-legend-in-every-design-inspired-by-the-passion-of-its-own-distinctive-origin-story-cambria-creates-the-captivating-new-film-legend-of-cambria-300607257.html

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