Next Generation Holographic Smartphones

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Over the past couple of centuries, the human society has made considerable progress which has improved the living standards. From healthcare to the food industry, society continues to progress due to scientific research and developments. In the last couple of decades, communication industry has seen the most rapid growth. Starting from mobile phones which allowed people to make calls from anywhere to smartphones which are essentially pocket computers, people are more connected to each other than ever. Taking a step further from smartphones, holographic smartphones are now poised to make a splash in the market. 

Red Hydrogen one, announced last year, is expected to launch later this summer. Having attracted a lot of attention for its powerful cameras and a 1440p display which will be able to display both 2D and holographic images. Being the first of many proposed holographic smartphones to be mass produced and sold in the market, Red Hydrogen One has quite a long list range of competitors. The tech giants from Korea, LG and Samsung, both have been actively trying to develop holographic smartphones for their customers.  

It is important to understand that while Red Hydrogen might be the first one in the line of many holographic smartphones to hit the market, it only involves in-screen holograms. In case you wondering if the Red One would project floating in the air 3D imagery, you might be in for a major disappointment. According to industry experts, the cool floating in the air 3D images you see in sci-fi movies might still be 3 to 5 years away. Although, in-screen holographic images are still a groundbreaking technology in the contemporary smartphone market.   

Currently, there are a number of smartphone apps and accessories which provide users with the impression of viewing 3D holograms such as Apple’s ARKit or Google’s ARCore. With in-screen holographic smartphones such as the Red Hydrogen One, users will be able to experience better than 3D imagery without any additional application or hardware device. Red Hydrogen One’s introduction into the market is expected to be followed by an influx of several high-end holographic smartphones.  

The future is here – from self-driving electric cars from Tesla to holographic 3D smartphones, the future sci-fi writers envisioned in their movies and books is finally transforming into reality. The next generation holographic smartphones will soon overtake industry and we will see holographic images everywhere from public spaces to workplace environments.  

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