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ShapeScale Future of Gym Scanning

ShapeScale Future of Gym Scanning

OK, so everything feels more and more Bladerunner these days, from watches that act like desktops and live video chats with friends & family on your TV, desktop, or phone life’s progressing.

And, so should your ability to track your fitness says one company. And in a product that can neatly fit under your bed, all the while creating photorealistic renderings and biometrics for you in minutes. And no this is not an advertisement for Shapescale, but what I am amazed about is the potential for this to be used in capturing avatars of people.

If you have ever read Snowcrash, or read Player One Are You Ready? You may also agree with me that we’re only a few years away from full-on Virtual world interactions using VR headsets. Some are pioneering this idea this very second, but I guarantee you the next MMORPG game experience that will break all the rules will be something along these lines in a VR reality, and it will definitely include your body scan. And anything that could be a game could also be used to be a virtual meeting center, and the only way it will be respected by the business world is if we have accurate avatars. This machine and future machines like it will play a much more crucial role in helping us create those.

For now, the gym and home gym athlete will definitely consume such a product if its the right price point.

View their whole content over at: ShapeScale.com

Body Metrics & Analytics

This is definitely going to appeal to the fitness guru.

IS your site’s SEO impacted by Duplicate Content?

IS your site’s SEO impacted by Duplicate Content?

When setting up a site there’s so much to know and have experience with, let’s go over a problem I just faced as I recently changed domain names and updated our web presence. When you launch a website Google may or may not list your site if you have a lot of duplicate content. What is duplicate content? Well, tags, categories, author archives and more can store duplicate content that you may have on your site’s pages, posts and custom post type posts. What does this mean?

It means you need to do yourself a favor and check your site out at either siteliner.com and find out if you have duplicate content or look up http://www.seoreviewtools.com/duplicate-content-checker/ either of these sites will quickly provide you results about duplicate content. You want to nip this one in the bud when you re-launch a site or update an existing companies site.

I’ll be providing this service today simply for a number of our clients today and if you need to know how to do this yourself I have found a simple walk-through video that will help you below from My WordPress Pro:

The example video is for WordPress YOAST which you should be using if you’re a WordPress site. Please use this tip as SEO guidance:

Do not index: Categories, Tags, Project Tags, Post Tags, Archives, Category Archives. Follow the video if you have any questions!


Futurist Vehicles by Toyota

Futurist Vehicles by Toyota

Toyota’s up to conceptualizing a new future for automotive vehicles, and transportation. Their vision of the future is definitely a mixture of surreal and a little bit iRobot meets reality. What do you think?


View their whole content over at: Mobility For All

The Concept-I by Toyota. This line of vehicles is sold as the future of mass-transportation. Who knows. Looks sweet though.
All the Good Ideas Come From Space Movies

All the Good Ideas Come From Space Movies

It’s amazing right when you thought you have seen it all. Speed bikes straight out of StarWars are being tested by Dubai’s police forces, sort of. And the company that makes them is playing with the concept for a hover-car. It’s not quite a space movie but Back to the Future + Starwars just had a baby and is HoverSurf.com/formula

What I find fascinating most about projects like this is that they’re ideas that are generated from our dreams quite literally. Artists concept future space battles, and future space vehicles and future transportation methods. And then someone goes and builds them. That to me is why we do what we do.

Enjoy the video below from HoverSurf’s official Youtube Channel.

GloriaFood A Restaurant’s Free Payment Tool

GloriaFood A Restaurant’s Free Payment Tool

After Researching Restaurant Payment Portals I uncovered GloriaFood.com Which is Offering a Free Version!

What’s even cooler is that this tool can be integrated neatly into web/social/mobile pretty much out of the box. Yes, there are paid options but even those are very fairly priced in comparison to its competitors. This is definitely something to keep in mind when scoping future Restaurant Website Projects.


The top paid option out there is ChowNow.com which is more of a standard in the industry, but it comes at a premium cost to set up, and to maintain.

Do you have another payment portal you suggest using? Tell us if so. Sharing is caring. 


How to hide a Thumbnail in your Blog Post in Divi

How to hide a Thumbnail in your Blog Post in Divi

Disable Your Featured Thumbnail Image in Divi

The answer is literally staring you in the face, if you run into this then I suggest you look straight into the Divi settings before jumping into the single.php or looking for the answer elsewhere. Also if you’re not using Divi or the Divi Builder and try to attempt this, there once was a plugin that offered a similar solution but it does not work with the current version of WordPress. The solution for you is a lot harder and I haven’t found a good enough solution for those members to link to. If you know of one comment here and I’ll make sure to update this post.


What’s your favorite trick/hack/plugin for Divi? 
I’ll be sharing Divi tips so stay tuned.


Personal Favorite Brand update of 2017

Personal Favorite Brand update of 2017

Chobani 2017 Brand Update

I have been staring at this aisle for years when buying greek yogurt for the family, and I have followed it I suppose like anyone else. And I have to say out of the most memorable updates of the year Chobani deserves the attention it’s getting. They did an amazing job and bringing a more friendly, warm serif face to represent the brand and its palette. It’s also a stark change from its modern/bright palette.

What is your favorite brand update, or Brand ID from 2017 in any industry?

Find out more about Chobani’s brand update and more like it from our friends over at BrandNew UnderConsideration


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