Maguire Brewery Design

A conceptual brewery branding presentation to inspire
Brewery’s to give ElephantMark a shot to brand their
next great brew.
During 2014 ElephantMark conceptually crafted a unique poster study for the Maguire Family Crest. This family crest poster and illustration design lead us to just playfully coming up with some conceptual branding assignments we always wanted to do. Including Wine Label Design & Brewery Label Design. Using our knowledge of the Maguire Family History and its connection to Fermanagh County we conceived a unique brewery brand.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Brand Naming
Brand Identity Design
Art Direction

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Conceptual Mock-up of the Maguire Brewery Branding Bottle.

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Conceptual Marketing Campaign.

Maguire Family Crest Poster That Started The Entire Idea

Basically, this poster was the root of this entire project. I was studying the Maguire Family Crest, which I illustrated and re-crafted in a more embellished way. Historically speaking the Maguire family’s history is rich with wars, and King’s and even betrayal by English Lords, and cunning characters like Hugh Maguire who had his own bard tell his tales of being one of the last lords of Northern Ireland.

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The Crest Was Eventually Used for the McCaffrey Family Crest (A Sect of the Maguire Family)

Working with the publisher and historian Digging the Past, we provided a unique book cover for the McCaffrey Family Crest which is a sect of the Maguire family. Basically, the families are ancestrally literally miles apart from one and the other in Fermanagh county.  What makes this origin so interesting is that they ended up working together throughout history, and then I ended up having a client who happened to be a McCaffrey in my own lifetime.  History is a blessing and it works in mysterious ways.

Brewery branding

We would be honored to work with any brewery to assist in crafting a unique marketing strategy. We have some of the most talented illustrators in-house and that we have worked with. We can come with something totally unique and with our experience of working for clients such as Heineken, Puma, and others we can help craft a holistic brand strategy to the web, social print, marketing, and packaging.

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