Conceiving a new fitness and athletic brand required naming, identity design, and art direction.

During 2017, ElephantMark was tasked with a creating a unique Branding system for a revolutionary fitness experience. We assisted with Naming, Identity Design, Art Direction and more.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director

Ksenia Maguire,

Michele Axt,


Brand Naming
Brand Identity Design
Brand Style Guide
Art Direction

Art Direction

We provided RevelGym a unique look and feel, as well as several prototype designs for posters, and marketing collateral.


We created several unique names and researched domain name availability and ultimately assisted in providing a name that was unique in the fitness industry.

Brand Style Guide

Crafted a manual that assists in defining messaging and communications objectives, the brand identity system, typography, imagery, and visual language.

Identity Design

We crafted a branding system that focused on the concept of revolutionizing the gym experience.

Marketing Collateral Design

We designed unique prototypes for posters and application design usages.

Application Creative

We provided 3 creative directions for posters and application designs. This look and feel were chosen for marketing, application design, and creative usages.

Poster Design

This poster was crafted with the headline ‘Change Your Work Change your Life.’ Conceptually both the application and the poster design used the symbols of the dot matrix which tie in with the performance tracking fitness equipment which makes this fitness experience both revolutionary and unique.

Brand Style Guide

We provided a unique style guide that identified suggested brand rules for typography, messaging, color palette decisions and visual creative strategy.

Creative Services

With over 10 years of design experience, we can help provide a comprehensive design solution for you.