In 2018 Siesta Sports Rentals asked for a new branding system to modernize their existing identity and broaden their brand to into a full online booking system for sports rentals. 


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director

Ksenia Maguire,

Services Provided

Marketing Analysis
Brand Naming
Brand Identity Design
Brand Style Guide
Art Direction
Print Design Advertising
Website Design 
Website Development
Promotional Apparel Design
Corporate Identity Collateral

Art Direction

We sought to craft a name and a vision for the company that was fun, sporty, energetic and welcoming to families of all ages.


We provided their name “Ride & Paddle”,  as a combination of their core offerings ( bike/scooter rentals, and kayak rentals ) with a little cheeky humor. The result was a brand name that is fun and engaging to new audiences and memorable to all existing loyal customers of Siesta Sports Rentals.

Brand Style Guide

Crafted a manual that assists in defining messaging and communications objectives, the brand identity system, typography, imagery, and visual language.

Promotional Apparel Designs

We crafted a series of unique designs to be showcased on future promotional apparel.

Identity Design

We created their identity to be fun, sporty and youthful. With so many brands that you have seen on vacation, we wanted this one to be remembered and be a part of future promotional apparel to remember it.

Marketing Collateral Design

We designed a simple brand focused print campaign for magazines, publications, hotel flyers, taxis, and more.

Website Design

We crafted a unique WordPress Website that promoted the brand, it’s rental services and optimized its performance using the top image, and compression plugins. In addition, we provided organic SEO optimization. 

Responsive Website Design

We Crafted a unique website that incorporated recent campaign creative as well as Google Ratings, weather, SEO, image optimization, and compression technology. All of this was done to enhance the end user experience and support their new online booking system which they integrated with the launch of the website.

This resulted in reaching over 2,600 users in the first 2 months with a  49.6% Bounce Rate ( which is low ), and with 2.33 pages served per user.

Promotional Apparel

We crafted over 6+ designs for unique apparel designs. 

Creative Services

With over 10 years of design experience, we can help provide a comprehensive design solution for you.

Brand Identity Design

Create your unique brand identity system today, or update an existing system with a new creative direction. 

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