The Future 3D Scale

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Advertising News, Futurism | 0 comments

The future 3D scale will show you all your curves and imperfections even your backside. Everything feels more and more Bladerunner these days, from watches that act like desktops and live video chats with friends & family on your TV, desktop, or phone life’s progressing… so I guess its time our scales became really accurate in all dimensions.

And, so should your ability to track your fitness says one company. And in a product that can neatly fit under your bed, all the while creating photorealistic renderings and biometrics for you in minutes. And no this is not an advertisement for Shapescale, but what I am amazed about is the potential for this to be used in capturing avatars of people.

If you have ever read Snowcrash, or read Player One Are You Ready? You may also agree with me that we’re only a few years away from full-on Virtual world interactions using VR headsets. Some are pioneering this idea this very second, but I guarantee you the next MMORPG game experience that will break all the rules will be something along these lines in a VR reality, and it will definitely include your body scan. And anything that could be a game could also be used to be a virtual meeting center, and the only way it will be respected by the business world is if we have accurate avatars. This machine and future machines like it will play a much more crucial role in helping us create those.

For now, the gym and home gym athlete will definitely consume such a product if its the right price point.

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The Future 3D Scale, ShapeScale Gym Scale

Body Metrics & Analytics

This is definitely going to appeal to the fitness guru, not so much for myself :). The future 3D scale by ShapeScale will give detailed analytics and help you show areas of your body that are changing and isolate them in detail.

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