Top 3 Client-Centered Solutions To Hire In 2021

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As businesses begin to get back to semi-normal work after a pandemic that nearly shut down everything and made working remotely necessary, having an HR team ready to add on or rebuild your talent is one of the main factors to getting things going again. Hiring new talent or rebuilding is especially true if you are in a customer-centered business.

Customer-centered businesses are those that customers guide. Customers are needed to fuel organizations, and without customers, there is no business. Hiring employees who nurture relationships with existing or potential clients is the root of some company’s success. Ensuring a positive experience for customers will generate more business with return or new customers and thus sustain the business.

With that in mind, potential employees almost always look good on paper with creatively flawless resumes. However, that doesn’t make them good at customer service. It takes training for new talent acquisition, and it also takes strategy. An HR team hiring for a customer-centered company in 2021 needs strategies, and the top 3 are listed here.

Hire a top-notch Outbound Call Center

A major problem that some businesses have is timely returning emails and dealing with customer phone calls. That is why when it comes to customer service, hiring a professional team of inbound call centers workers who knows and understands your brand will also protect your brand.

These quality, talented, solution-based employees treat your business like theirs professionally and will leave your customers happy. Customers get their inbound calls returned by agents who leave their questions answered and satisfied. Other reasons to hire a top-notch outsource call center are:

1. They are more cost-effective.

2. They are skilled in customer service.

3. You can focus on the core of your business.

4. They offer increased efficiency.

Seek customer-centered skilled employees

Realistically defining the essential skills necessary to be a customer-centered employee and going from there will help you find the gems that your company desires. Doing this will allow HR to hire qualified candidates who are skilled and will continue company growth. Employees working in their field and what they are proficient in are happy to be part of company growth and don’t need a lot of fluff in their job descriptions. Also, keep in mind:

1. Design your ad message to get attention – you want to draw top talent.

2. Making salary/benefits competitive – you want skilled talent.

3. Screen effectively – look for gaps and inconsistencies in resumes.

4. Interview only top candidates – if you interview the top, you will likely hire the top.

5. Make an offer and be prepared for a counteroffer.

Some benefits of hiring skilled employees are:

1. Skilled employees bring good communication (listening and speaking) skills.

2. Skilled employees bring patients in interacting with others.

3. Skilled employees bring resourcefulness and problem-solving skills.

Be prepared to upskill employees.

All companies are in business to succeed and grow. Some of that growth will depend on employees trained for newly created positions or promotions based on their increased knowledge. Technology change will be able to upskill or train and develop the employees they already have for higher positions. For many companies, upskilling is more accessible than new hires because the talent is already in the company and knows something about the business.

There are several ways to upskill employees. Some of those are:

1. Engage employees: tell them how upskilling will benefit them.

2. Make upskilling available to everyone: offer training courses during work hours so that all employees can access them.

3. Accommodating teacher: hire a teacher/trainer who understands that everyone has different learning styles.

4. Empower employees: show them all the positions that upskilling can offer them.

Some benefits of upskilling are:

1. Upskilling improves a company’s retention.

2. Upskilling boost morale.

3. Upskilling improves customer satisfaction.

4. Upskilling attracts new talent.

It will take training and strategy for new talent acquisition in 2021. The top three methods for an HR team hiring for a customer-centered company are to hire skilled Outbound Call Centers for inbound calls, realistically define skills they are looking for in talent, and be prepared to upskill current employees.

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