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51 Lincoln

One of our first brand identity assignments was for 51 Lincoln a restaurant owned and operated by Jeff Fournier. It was open in the center of Newton for over a decade.

We were tasked with creating a new identity and signage system for “51 Lincoln,” a high-end restaurant reflecting the art of the owner and chef, Jeff Fournier in 2006.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director

Lucas Guerra,
Creative Director


Argus Communications



51 Lincoln – Brand ID Design

From Concept to Execution

When crafting the ID for 51 Lincoln we were able to save the initial sketch of the concept. Basically, it came to me that Jeff’s food itself was both exciting and a fusion of his own artwork ( his own paintings ) + high-end cuisine. The ID used the negative space between a “5” & an “L” to create a “1”.

Collateral Design

From this unique ID design, I was tasked with simply providing a letterhead, envelope and a business card.

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