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Unique and impactful brand identity design requires research, a clear brand strategy, and skilled talent to craft a unique vision. When done well, a brand identity can leave a lasting and memorable imprint, that will aid any marketing strategy.

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We build unique brand identity systems with a solid understanding of your creative objectives, your audience, your key value propositions, & business strategies.

Each logo design we craft comes with suggestions for color palettes, typography, photography, and the voice of the brand. We don’t just create a logo, we help you create your brand’s strategy for consistency.

Making a custom brand identity design come to life starts with having a solid understanding of the organization or company it will represent. When that foundation is in place, we focus on making sure the brand message comes through in the execution of the logo design.  To get there, we need to do our research and understand the context, the competitive environment, and the brand’s history. And lastly, the secret sauce is making sure the logo design that we craft has nothing else like it in the current marketplace. We do our research and make sure your brand will stand out within your industry. 

Branding can be a gradual process that shapes minds, and while the industry is filled with quick fixes, a solid foundation will help any brand’s marketing strategy thrive.

What is a Brand, a Brand Identity System, & a logo?

A brand identity design system is a set of visual elements that supports a logo. Brand identity design systems can include considerations for typography, color, photography, layouts, illustrations, infographics, icons, and much more. All of these considerations are built to shape and improve a brand’s perception, which includes a culmination of experiences its audience has with the brand ( including sight, sound, touch, word of mouth and all indirect or personal interactions ).

Our Brand Identity Design Process

brand research

Research Challenges & Opportunities

When a client first comes to us, we first look to understand everything we can about your brand, including the challenges & opportunities within its industry/marketplace.

creative brief

Define Your Creative Brief To Provide Clarity

A simple, transparent document that we can use as criteria for a virtual target for all future creative assignments. We define the who, what, where, when, and why for your branding strategy. In a simple 1-2 page document you or anyone should understand the brand’s core values, messaging, audience, and goals/objectives.

design, logo design

Create A Unique Logo Design That Will Set You Apart

A logo, brand mark, or brand identity is the tip of the iceberg for your organization or business. We provide unique brand identity solutions that represent the brand’s objectives and brand values.

design, logo design

Define a Brand Strategy Manual For Consistency

A logo becomes something much more with basic rules and guides for layout, typography, color, photography, voice, and brand usages. Brand consistency begins with the brand strategy manual.

Recent Accolades

Recent Logo Design

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Brand Identity Design By ElephantMark

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Are You Ready? Let us Create Your Next Brand Identity Design

Get in touch today, and expect a response within 24 Hours.

Why Choose ElephantMark?

We have over 15 years of experience within this industry. We create designs that are compelling, unique, and attention-capturing. We’re down to earth, we enjoy picking up the phone brainstorming, and listening. We believe in transparency too; we want you to see what we see, learn what we uncover, and become an integral part of the creative process. Need a branding system fast? We can help you with that too, we can do rush projects and build a design system in 2-business weeks flat, that said the old saying goes you can have it fast and good, but it won’t be cheap. Regularly crafting a unique brand identity design and branding system takes from 2 weeks minimum to 6+ business weeks depending on a number of variables including the brand name itself.

Need Help With Brand Naming & Trade Mark Planning?

We are experts at researching, navigating the brand naming process. Sometimes brand names can be too similar to others though, and if you are looking to trademark and register a brand you will need to plan accordingly. What we typically do is research names that fit your creative strategy, and we do our homework acquiring domains & discovering if there are any similar trademark patents using TESS and other tools. This effectively makes your legal process less risky and does some of the leg work and in doing so it can reduce legal costs while providing a unique brand name that fits within your brand strategy. 

Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself if you are on the fence about updating your brand identity design system, and choosing a brand identity design agency:

1. Is your brand identity unique?

Do you know if you have competition is mimicking your logo? Check it using TinyEye image search. You can place your logo in there to see how many similar competitors are out there in the same visual space as you. There are many more ways to find out if your trademark or patent is infringed upon as well, and we collected a list of resources in an article on this topic here.

2. Is your brand still relevant? 

Did your logo work well for a period communicating with audiences, only then to age and not communicate as well to your brand’s audiences? Don’t worry this happens all the time. We worked with brands that have undergone re-positioning to attract younger audiences or new audiences altogether. What once worked yesterday, will eventually have diminishing returns tomorrow. If your brand is facing a challenge, we offer branding audits before designing a unique logo. If you have more questions on this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask or read our brand strategy article.

3. Do you have a consistent and complete branding system? Do you have usages for web, social media, product design, marketing docs and more?

Many logo designs have limitations based on the use of color, gradients, shapes, or orientation. As a rule of thumb, we believe in building branding systems and custom logo design applications that can be used in all media, horizontally, as a square, in black and white and in 1 or 2 colors. It is essential so that you can have lock-ups that can be used with Pantone inks, CMYK colors, and work well in black and white for newsprint and on the web in RGB. We provide all of these solutions and more in a brand manual.

Still, need help? Call 978-344-2870, we don’t bite we love to chat with entrepreneurs to help them develop their business strategy to succeed.

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Recent Custom Brand Identity Design For ReveLife Fitness Club.

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Featured Custom Brand Identity Design For BIZ FEST, by the USHCC

00:02 10 Jun 21
i’ve been working with joe since 2013. exceptional service with extraordinary attention to the minutiae.if you’re looking for an a strong website to enhance your presence on the web, look no further!!!
leanne wrench
leanne wrench
16:56 24 Mar 21
Thank you for everything Elephant Mark!After interviewing several marketing companies in Sarasota we chooseJoseph and his team for his calm demeaner, knowledge, previous work and profesionalism.We were extremely satisfied with the outcome of our Branding and Website.Joseph and his team have a great quality of work, very professional, respond whenever we needed him, and simply was very easy to work with. Even after his services were completed he has reached out to usto be sure we were getting everything we could from our website.Joseph designed our logo, worked closely with us during the website build, listening to what our vision was, printed our business cards, all digital marketing, social media, anticipating our needs.We highly reccomend his services for you, his creative thinking, with such an easy going process within the previously agreed upon price.JJ&N Development
A Google User
A Google User
12:57 17 Sep 20
It's been a great experience starting up our business with ElephantMark. We love our logo and website. Joe has been very flexible in responding to our needs both big and small. And Ksenia has a sharp eye for design. A winning combo for our needs.
Corinna Larson
Corinna Larson
21:06 03 Sep 20
Joe has been a life saver with our website and online store. He is very responsive and helpful when we need him. You can tell he really knows his stuff and I would highly recommend ElephantMark for all your online needs.
Anna Charny
Anna Charny
22:42 10 Nov 19
Great quality of work. Pleasant personality. We have worked with Joseph for a year now, and are very pleased with the results.Anna Charny, RSM-MetroWest
Marsh Sutherland
Marsh Sutherland
21:21 03 Sep 19
I'm VERY proud of my website for Walden Recruiting! They did a fantastic job both visually and functionally. I have FAR MORE applications for jobs now thanks to ElephantMark!
David Pine
David Pine
11:27 16 Oct 18
ElephantMark designed our brand nearly 10 years ago. They took a very personal approach to produce an identity for Portsmouth Painting Company that has become everything we hoped it would be. “I love your logo” and “we see your signs all over town” are the things we hear most that are a testament to ElephantMark’s capabilities. Now, all these years later, we’ve come back to Joseph and his team to curate our new website and complimentary marketing strategy, and we could not be happier. You’d be hard pressed to find a design firm with more consistency and detication. -Dave PineOwner, Portsmouth Painting Company, IncPortsmouth, New Hampshire
Adam Vicinus
Adam Vicinus
14:41 28 Sep 18
I have been working with Joseph and his team for years. A creative and strategic team that is easy to work with. What more can you ask for?
Elina Zontak
Elina Zontak
18:33 06 Aug 18
Great people to work withProffessional, kind, affordable and you can definatly rely on them which is the most important
zachary Iannacone
zachary Iannacone
19:48 20 Jun 18
Joe brought a fresh perspective and much needed experience to my website design. From desgining the logo, launching the website and creating original business cards and uniform selection I couldn't be happier with the end result and the quick turn around on each project .
Jon Fukuda
Jon Fukuda
02:25 02 Mar 18
My company has worked repeatedly with Elephantmark to deliver top-shelf branding, digital marketing and web design and development. We fully endorse them for custom brand identity management and design.
Rebel Shakespeare
Rebel Shakespeare
20:37 02 Feb 18
The ElephantMark team did a fantastic job on the new website for our small theatre company. Working with a limited (nonprofit) budget, they designed a very simple yet elegant site that met all of our criteria, including online registration, slide shows, and social media integration. Our own photos and copy were used creatively to save money on stock images, etc. Everything was done on time and on budget, and communication could not be smoother. Excellent work, ElephantMark!
Leslie Bradshaw
Leslie Bradshaw
21:26 29 Jan 18
Joe and his team at ElephantMark were an essential ingredient in many of my former company's top projects (I was the co-founder, President, and COO of J3 from 2006-2012). His ability to take an idea from concept, to sketch, to graphic representation meant our branding deliverables told a real story. Being able to show clients a range of options and the thinking that goes behind each is something that we came to rely on Joe for. Further, his adherence to deadlines and professionalism throughout the process kept us coming back. Being able to count on him like one of our own team members meant that we had a deeper bench and ability to service clients at the scale we wanted.
Milt Melamed
Milt Melamed
18:57 20 Jan 18
ElephantMark provided us with an updated, uniquely -designed website that helped improve our marketing strategy. We took ourselves from a 10-year-old HTML site into today's technology using some of the latest in content management systems technologies. Our team found this site easy to work with and Joe's capabilities pro-active and dedicated. And it paid off. We are getting more sales leads than ever before! During the process we could always count on Joe for his art direction capabilities and WordPress development knowledge. We highly recommend his studio's capabilities to others.
Jason Rothe
Jason Rothe
20:48 14 Jan 18
Great company to work with! Very professional and prompt, highly recommended for all kinds of design work. Joe and his team developed fresh designs for our logo, web site, and marketing material that is better than any other company in our field. I am a bit particular and often like to be involved so patience is key for me. Joe’s patience is a miracle as he stays committed to the very end. Our website/database project involved integrating many layers of our website, course registrations, shopping cart and in house database. We faced many technical challenges but Joe always figured out a solution. I highly recommend working with Joe and his fantastic ElephantMark team.
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