Scope of Work Estimate

Your scope of work will be honored in its estimated pricing and discounts as seen below. If there are adjustments to this scope of work after an estimate is submitted ElephantMark will provide an updated scope of work estimate within a contract. And there will be a clear explanation verbally as well as in writing there are any adjustments required.

A rough estimate will be created for you based upon items/materials you may need.
Please select which services you may need assistance with. Our Hourly Rate is $150 for all work outside the scope of work.
We offer deductions to non-profits, veterans, and start-ups.
This price is as close as an estimate we can provide until we calculate all of your scope. The amount is in USD. If this amount is greater than what your budget is, that's fine we'd love to hear from you, most likely we'll find a solution that works best for you and your budget.
Providing your budget limitations may help us suggest a refined specific scope of work to better fit your objectives.
What CMS Will Your Website Require?
Design, and Development Included.
If you choose a Shopify Website CMS there will more than likely be third-party apps required from the Shopify Developer App Network. Please be aware that the costs per month could range from 45-100 dollars a month to manage. This is entirely outside the cost of this estimate.
If you choose a WordPress CMS website Elephantmark offers to manage and host those websites using our WPEngine Server. This account is superior to what you could get individually and we manage it year-round with extra plugins that optimize speed, performance, and image compression. Consider this a personal concierge service for managing your website. It is annually $450.00, but the 1st year is gifted and included in this scope of work.

Brand Identity Design

Create your unique brand identity system today, or update an existing system with a new creative direction. 

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