Brand Style Guides

Developing the rules of a branding system is as important as coming up with a brand identity itself. 

Defining a Brand

It all starts with crafting a creative brief that defines the challenge, target audiences, messaging, and brand values. From that, we can build a unique identity and all of its usages. We compile all of those rules and guidelines into one style guide or brand manual.

The brand manual provides clear guidance on logo lock-ups, media,  typography, imagery, collateral layouts, and brand messaging. 

Excerpt from the JVS Brand Manual

Define a Brand’s Voice

We create a unique communications direction by providing a style for the voice and tone of the brand messaging. We start by defining a brand’s values. Upon completion of that, we work to craft a brand’s tone which we use to craft headlines/taglines and descriptive copy within the voice of the brand. 

A Brand’s voice can be conveyed through the use of imagery itself. The visual aid in the excerpt to the right was a brand splash wall that was symbolic of the brand values.

Excerpt from a recent Brand Manual

Defining a Brand’s Palette

We craft a unique palette for each brand identity we develop, planning for CMYK, RGB, and Pantone color formats ( web and print usage ). 

Excerpt from a recent Brand Manual

Defining Visual Imagery
& Photography

We define the visual imagery for a brand by using visual keywords that define a brand. In some cases, we plan on imagery to be used that is solely photographic, and sometimes depending upon visual messaging we craft unique composites or illustrations. 

Excerpt from a recent Brand Manual

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