Brand Naming

From acquiring domains to defining the voice of a brand we can assist you in finding a brand naming solution for your business, event, service or product. We Craft Imagination into reality.

Take the Mystery out of the Brand Naming Process

By defining the creative brief objectives, audiences, and tone for a start-up or an existing business we can come up with unique names that can be domain ready and trademarkable. We’re focused on brand strategy, brand positioning,  brand audits, we are a brand naming agency.

In our most recent work, we were tasked finding a unique name within the fitness space. After 2 rounds of naming, we came up with RevelGym – A Fitness Revolution. Later, we crafted the headline “Live the Revel Life” which helped lead us to refine the name to ReveLife Fitness Club.

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Brand Positioning

Understanding your competition and where your brand fits into that marketplace is key to understanding your value proposition. Once you know that you can analyze audiences, and define a brand strategy that could provide direction and be set in a creative brief, and summarized in a tagline. Below is a link to our Branding Questionnaire, get started with your naming process by providing this information to us today.

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Brand Market Analysis

Learning how your brand performs in comparison to competitors on social media, on the web, in-store, or other metrics will help you gain insight into your potential audiences and your value proposition’s niche. Increasing awareness of how your competition performs across their marketing strategy will inform you of successful marketing strategies within your industry.

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Brand Audit

For existing brands only it is essential to understand how your brand is performing across all spectrums and brand touchpoints. Identify marketing challenges, branding pitfalls, opportunities to simplify, changes in target audiences, and brand misrepresentation.

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