Marketing Services

Keep your brand ahead of the competition by standing out from it. We provide social media campaigns, signage, A-frames, poster signage, advertisement campaigns, white papers, presentation decks, business cards, email Templates, brand collateral, event design, custom branded trade-show booth designs & more. 

Market to Your Target Audience
With Social Media Campaigns

A social media strategy starts by defining content that will drive audiences to your product, brand, or website. Upon finding that content you need to then focus your message on your specific target audiences. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn each have different ways to reach audiences. One thing is certain though, making sure your audience is both specific enough and large enough is an art in itself.

From a Recent Twitter Engagement Campaign.

An Example Google Display Ad for Midokura

Google AdWords & Display Ads
A Tried and True Strategy

Whether your business is a brick and mortar or your a service provider you rely on web traffic to find your site. Qualified leads might be looking for specific keyword combinations, or they might require multiple website visits before they can make up their mind about your service before making a decision. Google provides everyone the tools to compete for your traffic and we have the experience required to make your campaign stand out from the rest.

Content Worth Marketing
Display Ads to Landing Pages

Once you captured that audience you need to convert those audiences effectively into leads, likes and follows. We can help you build the most effective landing pages across your entire site.

An Example Landing Page by ElephantMark.

Let us Solve Your Next Interactive Challenge

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Describe your project request in detail that will help us understand your goals.
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A rough estimate will be created for you based upon items/materials you may need. A final estimate will only be drafted after our free scope discussion. If you have a specific budget cap in mind be sure to add that in your projects details.
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We offer deductions to non-profits and start-ups. We heart small businesses too!
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All campaigns include copywriting services. Campaigns can be submitted to LinkedIN, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
This will help us understand your scope of work when we discuss your scope of work.
Design, and Development Included.

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