Case Study


Alcopla, a brand within Xxentria International contacted ElephantMark in 2014 to create a marketing kit, samples deck, a new brochure for the sales kit, a PPT Presentation, and a new web presence. The company had several re-sellers fighting for the top spot on google for the “Alcopla” product/brand keyword. When the website launched the new site we crafted overtook all the competitor’s sites organically on Google.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Web Design
Graphic Design

Art Direction

We provided Alcopla an update to their website with the end goal to communicate to architects and construction companies around the world.

Interactive Design

We provided a full-scale marketing website. We kept the look and feel clean and simple while promoting their unique products.


We designed several illustrations for their marketing materials that explained their products densities and layers.

Marketing Materials

We created a Keynote & PPT presentation as well as a Folder with the same designs for the client.

Brochure & Presentation Deck Design

We created a unique keynote & presentation deck that was also turned into a full print folder/brochure. 

Download Preview PDF

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Whitepaper Designs

We crafted unique and visually enticing designs to communicate Networking & Virtualization in the Cloud. In addition, there were various items web and print related, promotional clothing, banner ads, and so on that went into supporting these booth experiences.

Alcopla whitepapers by ElephantMark
Alcopla Business Website Website Design & Development 

We created a unique WordPress Website in 2015 for and helped them plan to become the number one searched website in Google search for the sub-brand they Xxentria created called Alcopla. Prior to this many other 3rd party websites were beating their corporate site, with our full marketing assistance they quickly established themselves and helped kick-start their marketing initiatives in North America & Globally. Interactive Site

A Home Page Design.

Alcopla Business Website by ElephantMark

Composite Panels 

A Product Page.

Alcopla Business Website by ElephantMark

Projects Page

A Portfolio of work.

Alcopla Business Website by ElephantMark

Content Section

Content downloads page.