In 2014 ElephantMark worked with MDFilms to provide the ALC 2014 conference a unique look and feel for their entire 3-day conference.

During 2014, ElephantMark worked with MDFilms to provide a unique presentation display for the CFED and for ALC 2014 Conference. We offered several keynote animated presentation decks to work with the onsite MDFilms team who managed the live conference presentation.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Michael DeMattia,


Conference Design
Podium Design
Animated Keynote Presentation

Art Direction

We designed the podium itself, and the look and feel for all of the conference’s presentations. While we were not the original creators of the 2014 ALC brand mark, we provided art motion design graphics and branded transitions for the speaker’s presentations.

Keynote Presentation

We Crafted multiple keynote decks and PPT decks for the conference itself and distribution after. We created brand walls and gradient color transitions using just Keynote itself.

Want to see a Sample Deck from the Awards Deck? View Here

Podium Design

We designed the podium to match the overall look and feel of the conferences overall brand identity we were provided with using.

ALC 2014 Conference – Keynote presentation, booth design. See all of the event photos here.

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