CWS Software

During 2017, ElephantMark provided CWS Software a total website redesign. Creating a unique WordPress theme that would allow them to maintain new landing page driven campaigns and product driven forms.
We worked with CWS Software’s team to provide both a unique WordPress theme with unique landing pages, forms, providing SEO assistance, and art direction.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director/Developer


Art Direction
Interactive Design
Wordpress Development

Art Direction

We designed the overall look and feel for the new CWS Software site to be both clean and colorfully impactful. In addition, we changed the visual tone to an environment-based design through photography.

Interactive Design

We designed 20+ pages in a total conversion from the old site to the new site. We also worked to provide landing pages for AdWords campaigns to help facilitate lead generation.

WordPress Development

We designed and developed a unique theme that is responsive, and easy to update and maintain across all platforms. We also integrated various form plugins and tools to assist the SEO team that managed keyword driven campaigns for the website.

SEO Planning

We helped assist in setting up the initial keywords and set up an existing Yoast Premium account for the client. In addition, we made sure every old site was redirected to a correctly crafted page on the new site after the campaign launch. And we provided unique keywords for every page.

ElephantMark provided us with an updated, uniquely -designed website that helped improve our marketing strategy. We took ourselves from a 10-year-old site to today’s technology using some of the latest in content management systems technologies. Our team found this site easy to work with and Joe’s capabilities pro-active and dedicated. And it paid off. We are getting more sales leads than ever before! During the process, we could always count on Joe for his art direction capabilities and WordPress development knowledge. We highly recommend his studio’s capabilities to others.

Older JVS Website from 2015. Newly Launched website Design by ElephantMark in 2016.
CWS SoftwareWebsite redesign view the before and after of the look and feel of the new site design.

Responsive & Ready

We planned CWS-Software with all platforms of users in mind. We worked on every page, to keep the page speed down, the content relevant, and the layout responsively designed.

Landing Page Designs

We crafted their landing pages with their Google Adwords campaign in mind. For every landing page, there is a CTA to direct you with an anchor link to the form at the bottom of each page.

Interactive Services

With over 10 years of design experience, we can help provide an interactive solution for you.