Chiavie was a healthy beverage that launched its new product and tasked ElephantMark with designing their new site to market it in 2011.

We provided the user experience and interactive site design for a tree of websites and social media fan pages that both represented the parent brand and individual product brands, ( Chia/Vie & Recovery Brik ) and the parent brand ( Bare Nutrition ). We worked in partnership with Miller Creative, using their recently created branding & packaging work for Bare Nutrition and Chia/Vie as a basis for creating a visual language for the user interface that felt fun, healthy, and uplifting. 


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director

Ksenia Maguire
Art Director


Miller Creative


Website Design
Website Development

Art Direction

We designed and developed a unique WordPress theme for

Web Development

We developed a unique WordPress platform using a Shopify e-commerce toolset to all to sell directly to wholesale consumers.

Interactive Design

We designed several pages, a Facebook storefront and integrated several online applications to help promote their new brand to the consumer product marketplace.

DrinkChiaVieVia ( from 2012 )

Interactive Design & Social Media

We integrated content for their products that would ultimately connect to their community.

In-Store Experience

We made it easy for businesses to make wholesale orders of ChiaVie products.


We created an early E-commerce platform for using an early version of Shopify shopping cart.

Interactive Services

With over 10 years of interactive design & development experience, we can help provide a creative solution for you.