Green Builds Business

Green Builds Business is a program by the USHCC. We created the brand identity and various marketing materials for the program.

We created marketing materials, including individual flyers for each city, a brand, a banner for the overall event, collateral, and branded items, such as branded bags, pens, electronic key-chain hard drives, and more.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director

Ksenia Maguire
Art Director



“When JVS Boston was moving to a new facility, we also decided we needed a fresh new look. Elephantik was a great creative partner as we updated our branding and revised our website. Their flexible and thoughtful work has served us well for recruitment and event flyers, display materials, and more.”

Karin Blum – Chief Development Officer, Jewish Vocational Service

Art Direction

ElephantMark created the Green Builds Business brand identity with the mindset of conveying growth, community, and forward thinking. The event-driven campaign reached out to businesses in a nationwide program.

Brand Identity Redesign

We crafted 1 Parent Brand ID and several children brand IDs. 

Marketing Materials

We crafted template’s for flyers, classes, business cards, letterhead, posters, signage design, folders and more.

GBB – Brand ID Design

Poster Design

A simple concept for a poster design was used to promote the overall initiative.

Unique City Illustrations

We illustrated skylines of all events to include unique elements to assist in marketing the Green Builds Business program to specific locations.

Flyer Design for Events

We crafted unique flyers for each event across the country. This included a unique illustration for each city, and a flyer layout.

Branding Services

With over 10 years of corporate identity design experience, we can help provide a comprehensive branding solution for you.