Heineken 2008

In 2007 Heineken needed a campaign direction for their Red Star Soul concert series. I was tasked with conceiving a unique style and look and feel for the event.

Created a series of illustrations, a series of posters for point sale creative, and a set of designs for the 2007-2008 concerts promotion, email marketing and more.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Amp Agency


Advertising Print
Event Design

Graphic Design

I provided graphic design services to conceptually direct drive the artwork vision for the Red Star Soul series, as well as several other Point of Sale posters.

Point of Sale Design

We provided tradeshow booth designs for various OpenStack events throughout the country and world.


The conceptual illustration I did for the event typography ended up getting used a style throughout all of the Red Star Soul 2007 events.

RED STAR SOUL Point of sale 2007

RedStar Soul Series Event ’07-’08

The point of sale conceptual artwork was taken and used throughout the various assets for the series including: direct mailers, table tops, background artwork for the stage,  the website, e-mail campaigns and more. I was responsible for crafting some of these executions but ultimately all of them lead from the initial concept artwork.

Point of Sale Advertising Design

Along with the conceptual prototype or concept pitch designs for Red Star Soul, I was tasked with creating various point of sale posters for Heineken.

Concept for Red Star Soul

This was the first point of sale poster concept that I worked on for the 2007-2008 Red Star Soul Concert series. The elements of which were used throughout the marketing initiatives for the event.

Red Star Soul Point of Sale

This point of sale piece was designed to be in store signage for the concert series and brand marketing.

Apollo Theater Point of Sale

There was a special occasion event that required this point of sale to be crafted.

Grillin & Chillin Point of Sale

This point of sale for a summer driven ‘in the park’ point of sale.

Advertising Services

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