Advertising DESIGN, Illustration


Unique illustrations for an advertisement campaign. 

During 2008 Joseph Maguire provided a unique illustration solution to the Lifestyles “What’s Yours” Campaign.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director



Design & illustration

While working within a larger agency ( Amp Agency ) Joseph Maguire provided a unique illustration style and direction for the Lifestyles “What’s Yours?” campaign.

Brand Identity Redesign

We crafted 2 lock-up solutions for the campaign while being playfully “creative” with the illustrations.

Advertising Design

I provided a conceptual study for the advertisement campaign based on the illustrations I worked on for the lock-up study. 

Illustration Design

We designed a series of desktop wallpapers which lead to the advertising exploration.

Brand lock-up System – Lifestyles

Illustration Design for WallPapers

I created a series of wallpapers that could be downloaded via lifestyles condoms website. These illustrations were a mixture of 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional realities. Feel free to click on any to view the full 1920×1200 resolution. 

Creative Services

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