Case Study

Matterhorn Law

Awarded Silver Runner-Up for the 2018 Best Brand Awards

Matterhorn Law, an international think tank, tasked ElephantMark with the request to create a unique Brand ID.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director

Ksenia Maguire
Art Director


Website Design
Website Development

Art Direction

We crafted a unique brand identity solution for the think tank to best represent the iconographic look of Matterhorn Mountain.

Brand Identity Redesign

We created two brand identity lock-ups for horizontal and square formats. We supplied the client a simple but clear brand rules guide.

Web Development

The website required the ability to broadcast live stream events as well as have a directory for events that are upcoming.

Interactive Design

We designed a simple information based website to communicate the think tank’s goals.

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Matterhorn Law – Brand ID Design

Interactive Design

We crafted a simple website for Matterhorn Law that provided the client the ability to broadcast live stream events and provided information regarding the think tank.

Matterhorn Law Brand Style Guide

We crafted a unique brand ID with a horizontal, and square lock-up system with a suggested color palette and a typographic solution.

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