ElephantMark was tasked with identifying brand inconsistencies and defining a brand’s audience and updating their color palette, typography, and lock-up design.

ElephantMark crafted 3 branding documents for McIntosh Labs in the spring of 2012 including a ‘Brand Audit’ that guided their company through understanding their own branding challenges. 


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Graphic Design

By conducting a brand audit, ElephantMark really helped us identify the best ways to communicate our brand within the competitive landscape. Their work helped us bring to life a consistent and premium identity that made even our business cards turn heads.

Ellis Reid – Director of Marketing, McIntosh Labs

McIntosh Embossed Business Card – Designed by ElephantMark LLC. 

Brand Identity Audit

We provided McIntosh Labs a Brand Audit that guided their company through understanding their own branding challenges, and the several areas of optimization and improvement. 

View Our McIntosh Brand Audit from 2012

Competitor Analysis

A Competitor Brand Analysis that educated their internal team on the strengths and weaknesses of their competitor’s branding campaigns.

View Our McIntosh 2012 Competitor Analysis 

Brand Style Guide

We provided a simplified approach to handle their future branding challenges with a new Brand Style Guide which incorporated a simplified palette and a modern new typeface to reach younger audiences.

View our 2012 McIntosh Brand Style Guide

Branding Services

With over 10 years of corporate identity design experience, we can help provide a comprehensive branding solution for you.

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