Case Study


During 2012 to 2016 ElephantMark worked with Midokura to provide everything from infographics to trade-shows to its own website design and layout. We worked with Midokura to provide a unique and creative vision to its diverse marketing initiatives.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Web Design
Graphic Design
Tradeshow Design
Web Advertising
Social Media Advertising

Nimble Ninjas in the Cloud Ecosystem

We worked to assist their marketing efforts through communications efforts that wrapped around informing and providing a visual context to each product release and each service offered. Reaching professionals within the cloud ecosystem meant communicating to both engineers, investors and technology enthusiasts.

“Midokura became the 1st third-party networking plugin for OpenStack clouds over 1000 nodes. You (ElephantMark) really helped us play a big part”
Susan Wu – Director of Technical Marketing, Midokura

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Art Direction

We provided Midokura & Midonet art direction on a wide array of projects while working closely with the lead marketing director.

Trade Show Design

We provided tradeshow booth designs for various OpenStack events throughout the country and world.


We designed unique infographics for complex cloud diagrams.

Interactive Design

We designed layouts for both Midokura & Midonet USA & Japan.

Social & Web Advertising

We worked to craft Google AdWords campaigns for display ads and for twitter campaigns.

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Tradeshow & Booth Design

We crafted unique and visually enticing designs to communicate Networking & Virtualization in the Cloud. In addition, there were various items web and print related, promotional clothing, banner ads, and so on that went into supporting these booth experiences.

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Icon Design

We designed entire sets of icons to be used on both web, print, and as part of software applications. We created a font of icons for their software, and in general we created a unique look and feel for their entire set of creative.

Interactive Design

We crafted multiple pages over the course 4 years. Including updating website elements on a step by step basis. We were most proud of our landing pages that incorporated both our visual look and feel for the subject matter as well as the infographic and illustration work we used in their white papers and presentation decks.

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Midokura Enterprise Page

The flagship product of Midokura required a visual break-down of all of its core components.

Midokura, Midonet, Cloudtech

MidoNet Page Description

As another example of the infographics/interactive designs, we regularly updated both their websites and their white papers in coordination.

Comparison Chart

We crafted this layout to compare Enterprise solutions versus MidoNet Open Source Solutions

Event OpenStack Landing Page

We crafted landing pages for OpenStack events. We crafted unique floor maps, interactive layouts for each location and assisted with the banner advertisements/print signage and promotional items for the events themselves.