Florida Solar & Air Website Redesign

During 2018, ElephantMark provided Florida Solar and Air a total website redesign. We created a unique WordPress theme that would allow them to integrate both their mobile and desktop audiences into one consistent layout.
We worked with & converted their existing WordPress Theme into a modern responsive design. We optimized the layout and integrated all of their ratings into one modern layout.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director/Developer


Art Direction
Interactive Design
Wordpress Development

Art Direction

We designed the overall look and feel for the new Website. We developed and launched the new site while integrating all ratings into one consistent layout for both desktop and mobile interfaces.

Interactive Design

We designed over 20 pages for desktop, tablet, and mobile usages. We optimized the branding to a simpler 2-color lock-up and improved the layout from a dimmer palette to a brighter Florida focused sunny palette.

WordPress Development

We designed and developed a unique theme that is responsive, and easy to update and maintain across all platforms.  We also included professional forms and rating plugins to integrate all of the web site’s functionality

SEO Assistance

We integrated Yoast Local to assist with their AdWords and keywords strategies.

Our website inquiries increased by 25%. The design is clean and works flawlessly across every device. Importantly, it is easy for us to manage. We can add blogs, photos, and change copy without assistance. If we do need help, ElephantMark is readily available. Unless there is a big issue or item that takes up time, they won’t charge me, which I appreciate.

Greg Shenk – Partner, Website redesign view the before and after of the look and feel of the new site design. – Minimal Brand Identity update – We simplified the number of colors to 2 colors in the brand identity and removed gradients.

Interactive Services

With over 10 years of design experience, we can help provide an interactive solution for you.