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Late in 2019, we were tasked with providing a brand identity system and brand strategy for two restaurants in the HYATT Regency Portland at the Oregon Convention Center.


Joseph Maguire,
Creative Director


Brand Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Escalator Branding
Signage Branding

Restaurant Branding

We created a unique brand identity system for Spoke & Fork restaurant, which was named after being inspired by the history that Portland, Oregon is the Bike City Capital of USA. It was even trademarked as Biketown by Nike. It is also conveniently is located in the center of the city where the hub of the wheel is the convention center. With that in mind, we created an identity that paid homage to the history and the great culture of Oregon, Portland.


Brand Identity Design

We Created a Unique Brand Identity for Spoke & Fork Restaurant and for Bridgetown BBQ.

Signage Design

We created a series of Bridgetown BBQ pop-up banners to promote all of the flavors of Barbeque from all over the world.

Escalator Branding

The entrance from the Convention Center to the Hotel has a unique set of designs that we created with the goal to inspire and advertise the two restaurants. Bridgetown BBQ International Smokehouse is known for its unique menu of having flavors of Barbeque from all over the world so we pulled in the unifying factor which is the flame of the Barbeque. And for Spoke & Fork, we applied the logo in a way to look like a pattern of fireworks going up the escalator, playfully and cleanly driving your eye up towards the two restaurants.

“Joseph at Elephant mark was Fantastic to work with.  It was the most collaborative process I have ever experienced when working on graphic design.  Joseph came up with a great design that our whole team loved and provided several options for us to consider as we worked to find the best possible design for our needs.  We are very happy with the final result.”

– Brad Gillespie, Hyatt Portland Regency