Over the course of 2 months in May and April of 2013, ElephantMark was tasked with creating a series of mobile-ready email campaigns by providing by design and development. In addition, we were tasked with multiple collateral items and printed materials.

We created a series of co-branded email campaigns that focused on reach Swirl Network’s mobile user audience. We Provided a clean-on-brand aesthetic to each email campaign, and we were requested also accommodate their co-branded partner experiences as well.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Email Marketing

Art Direction

ElephantMark provided Art Direction on a few items for Swirl Networks including marketing, and email items.


Designed a series of table tops and marketing documents.

Email Design & Development

We crafted a few email campaigns while working with their creative director. 

Table Top Design

Marketing & Print 

Print related marketings materials for in-store brand activation.

Marketing Services

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Brand Identity Design

Create your unique brand identity system today, or update an existing system with a new creative direction. 

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