Blue Glass Cafe

The Blue Glass Cafe & Guckenheimer approached us in the fall of 2011 to increase the overall foot traffic for the upcoming year.

During 2011-2015 ElephantMark provided the Blue Glass Cafe unique marketing campaigns, social media engagement strategies, signage design, A-frame system Designs, Table Top Designs, posters, onsite vinyl graphics and much more.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director

Ksenia Maguire
Art Director

Aleksandra Zlotnikova


Food and Beverage
Signage Design
Social Media

Blue Glass Signage System 

Social Media Engagement

Having been entered into the Best of Boston for Cafe’s Blue Glass Cafe was engaged in reaching audiences that visited the cafe, hoping to gain new potential clientele for catering and event hosting.

Table Tops, Posters, Social Media

Messaging was defined in a monthly format, value-adds, and buzz-generating buzz and new audiences were the focus.

A-Frame Design

We crafted a unique Wind Resistant A-Frame for the windy Stuart Street entrance for Blue Glass Cafe. Eventually, this area generated enough walk through traffic that they planned a master outdoor cafe seating where this A-frame once stood.

Flyers, Event Marketing, & More

A yearly focus was placed on event marketing for the catering business. Flyers and direct mailers were used to generate new audiences.


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