Case Study

Visage Media Network

During 2014 ElephantMark provided Visage Media Network with an update to its digital advertising network for golf courses. This a simple visually informative website.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Web Design
Web Development
Custom Icon Design
Squarespace Website

Squarespace website

The client requested Squarespace for their development requirements. It was an easy choice for a simple information driven website with simple form requirements.

Visage Media Network

Custom Icon Design

We crafted unique icons for this project to provide a visual understanding of the golf course and its network. This was probably the most exciting component of this project as collecting the visual assets and learning about the program lead to some simple but useful marketing elements that we crafted for them to best represent their brand.

Visage Media Network Interactive Design

Here are a few sample screen grabs from this visually informative website we crafted for Visage Media Network. We built this website in Squarespace per the client’s requirements. We did this in roughly a two week time period from start to finish and were able to simply execute the design and development within that whole time period.

Visage Media Network

Home Page

This homepage visually engaged customers to the experience of the advertising network within the eyes of someone using the product itself. We also showcased the top clients whom actively used this product. And we employed our custom built icons to engage customers with the subpage content.

Visage Media Network

Network Activation Page

Sharing a bit of in-depth understanding of the reach of the advertising network. We employed custom icons to visually communicate the network reach of the brand.

Visage Media Network

Sponsorship Page

A simple walkthrough of sponsorship opportunities using their advertising network’s technologies. For this page, the toughest component was building a mock-up display of the actual unit with a series of screens that were sent to us as flats. We combined the two of them to engage audiences in what they’d actually see.