Tara Whiskey Label Branding

We created a whiskey label branding experience for Tara Irish Whiskey.

This concept Irish whiskey brand was based on The Stone Of Destiny and its great intrigue into Irish History by being the location for the coronation ceremonies in ancient and prehistoric Ireland for Gaelic Kings. Most interestingly the location of the Stone of the Destiny atop Tara Hill which is a man-made fortress which had caves through them. They were also called Faerie Forts for their ability to hide the presence of people from one place to another with their multiple entrances and exits. 

This was the final mock-up for this whiskey label branding experience that we wanted to create a series of beer, wine, and now spirit labels. We’re eager to venture out and work with new consumer-related brands and we thought this would showcase our abilities and talents that we could offer future potential clients in the wine, beer, and spirits industries.

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