A QR Code Business Card Still Works

by | May 14, 2018 | Branding News

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Did You know?

In iOS 11+, Apple’s photo app which is what it comes with, you can just put your phone over any print or digital marketing material ( ie QR Code Business Card ) and it will automatically prompt you if you’d like to visit the URL. And you can press it with your finger and presto.

QR Codes are old ( 1994 Nirvana Old ) but with Apple’s and Samsung’s adoption of this old technology you can easily insert a QR code on any printed, or digital experience or marketing material to drive traffic to specific landing pages, or customized promotional offers.

There are more modern variations of this and “new” technologies out there, but when something as mundane as a QR code finally gets adopted by Apple’s iPhoto their’s no reason to not include it. Other technologies people are paying close attention to includes augmented reality. ZapWorks and similar AR tools are out there and you can for a few dollars and a few hours of time craft something a lot more engaging. I haven’t seen anything yet that is not considered novelty but a well-known app such as 19 Crimes displayed some rather unique capabilities, not too long ago. Still, I feel it is a novelty until it is adopted with what comes included inside the phone like QR codes have.

Oh, and yeah, we made some new cards 🙂

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Share your examples of how you used QR Codes we’d love to create a QR Code marketing example list. 

19 Crimes App – Augmented Reality iPhone APP Example for Packaging Design

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