You Have 3 Seconds To Live

by | Oct 21, 2018 | Advertising News, Branding News

You Have 3 Seconds

You Have 3 Seconds To Live

By Keith Lane, Award-Winning Creative Director

When I present a TV commercial to new clients they ask, “you have 3 seconds to live? What the hell does that mean? We’re paying for 30 seconds.”

I let them know, “No one is waiting for your commercial except for you.

A TV commercial is the perfect excuse for the viewer to get up off their comfy sofa, grab something to eat, make a phone call, or use the facilities.

You must stop that individual as they get up from the sofa, (1, 2, 3 seconds) and immediately engage them in your message so they sit back down, are transfixed for 30 seconds, remember you, and take action.

Otherwise, they’re gone and you’ve thrown away your money.”

The same rule goes for radio advertising. A boring radio spot starts to air and if it’s not viscerally engaging, your potential customer changes the station in 3 seconds.

Website home pages get around 3-6 seconds to live. If the visitor is not completely immersed they click out and will never return “home” again.

Whether it’s digital or traditional, (e-communications, banner ads, print, billboards, videos, the list goes on) your message must work fast, be effective, and drive business. Or you are invisible.

If you want a talking toaster or a dopey jingle please don’t contact me. If you desire a major ROI click the link to my profile page @KeithLane

You have 3 seconds.


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