5 Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Agencies

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Any new business needs to have a strong focus on its marketing strategy and efforts and for new real estate agencies, that is no different! Proper marketing, especially at the beginning of a business’ life, is crucial to its development and success. Here are five marketing tips for new real estate agencies to follow to secure that success!

Get Out In The Community

Your business can help the community and the community can help your business! As a new real estate agency, you want to form a good relationship with the community around you which can provide countless marketing opportunities. Promote your agency in the community by having a presence at local events, sponsoring local sports teams, and even just stopping by the offices of local officials. Consider having a representative from your agency join the local chamber of commerce to gain even more pull in the community. Getting involved will help to get the name of your real estate agency out there to the core group of people that you should be marketing to and will help to enhance your positive reputation in the area.

Utilize Social Meda Outlets

Social media is a powerful tool and can be a free marketing method if you don’t opt for paid social media advertising. Use social media to brand and market your new real estate agency and make connections with people who may be interested in your services both now and in the future. Use a consistent tone across all social media platforms in your messaging and posts for the best results. Let your followers get to know your agency and brand by using familiar faces and giving a little insight into your business. If the agency has a budget to support this, consider “boosting” certain posts or looking into paid social media advertising for even better results.

Promote Your Qualifications

Gain credibility for the new real estate agency by promoting the qualifications and accomplishments of the agency itself and those involved. By marketing these aspects properly, the agency is sure to solidify its credibility and gain business from that. There are many easy ways to find real estate license courses and programs for licensing and added qualifications online. These reasonably priced courses can be a convenient way to enhance the qualifications of those involved in your agency. Once courses like these are completed, post this information at the agency itself, on social media platforms, and on people’s individual profiles so that potential clients feel confident that they are getting the best service around!

Host An Open House

Open houses aren’t just for showing homes and properties that are for sale! Plan an open house or grand opening event for the new real estate agency office. Invite potential clients and members of the community to join in on celebrating the new business and getting some face time with those involved. This is a great opportunity to display qualifications and grab some photos and videos to blast out on all social media platforms. Include complimentary food and beverages, have some live music or a DJ, and recruit other local organizations to have tables at this event or get involved. Market and advertise for this open house in advance and well for the best turnout possible.


Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing strategies and can greatly influence people’s decisions when choosing businesses or services to use for themselves. Implement a referral program for the new real estate agents to increase and enhance word-of-mouth marketing. Do some research on creative referral program ideas to find one that would be a great fit for the real estate agency and expected clientele. People are typically more inclined to use a business or service that they trust or who those around them have trusted and recommended using.

If you are part of a new real estate agency, remember to get out in your local community, utilize social media platforms, show that you are a qualified agency, have an open house, and value word of mouth advertising. These marketing tips will set you up for success right off the bat!

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