6 Steps To Setting Up PBX For Your Business

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Do you want to build your business phone system? You don’t have to spend a lot of money since the process is not technical. Provided you can boot up a computer, setting up a PBX should not be a problem. Here are the six steps to setting up PBX for your business.

Get the best VOIP phones

You can get them from the best PBX reseller company at affordable rates. It is also okay to go for the Grandstream GXP 1400. They are great, and you can get one for less than $50. Panasonic KXTGP500B04 is an excellent alternative if you want a wireless phone.

With that option, you won’t have to set up your phone near an Ethernet. Note that in this guide, we will show you how to complete the process using RingBoost.

Get your phone number

The next step is getting a phone number and then using it to set up a new system for your business. If you have the phone reader, the hard part is already dealt with. Now you want to use the drag and drop builder to have the system set up.

You can sign up online with service providers to get a few or more phone numbers. Some service providers will charge you $1 per month and issue easy steps for setting up the system. RingRoost is a good example of such sites, so consider trying them out.

Add VOIP phone and inbound phone

Use online software the lets you set up the system by dragging and dropping elements. Though there are many elements to consider, you only want to focus on VOIP phones and inbound phones at this stage. The inbound element will take care of incoming calls and is the starting point.

You also need to connect the VOIP phone element to the inbound phone. This implies that the call will end up in the VOIP phone when someone dials your inbound phone number. You will connect the two elements by simply dragging and dropping them.

Register your phone with RingBoost

This might be the tricky part, but not that much. You need to register your physical phone with the VOIP Phone Element. The SIP Host is right inside the element. You will also see the SIP password and username. These are the only things you need to have your phone registered.

All VOIP phones have ways to enter the SIP credentials, such as password, username, and hostname. But the process to do this will vary from phone to phone. For further clarification, you want to click this link to learn how to register your phone.

Add an IVR to the PBX

Note that this is an optional step, but you still need to do it. You will have some fun setting up interactive voice responses for your phone numbers. The prompt will ask you to key in the party’s extension. You should do this to avoid ringing the primary phone. Make use of the Options Menu Element to set up the IVR.

Do this by dragging and dropping one of the elements onto the phone system. Next, you will get rid of the connectors between the VOIP phones and the inbound phones.

Enable the E911 calls

Note that in the US, at least one of your phones should make the E911 calls. Thus, the last step is to choose one of your phones in the system and set it to make E911 calls. Once you are through with the setting, all your phones will be able to make emergency calls.

Head to the “Phone Numbers” section in your account and enable E911 on one of the phone numbers you are using. You will then enter your physical address, which you will verify before saving.

Be careful not to use the same number that sends users into the voice prompt. Emergency service numbers should call you, so you don’t have to send them to a voice prompt.

Closing thoughts

That is how you will set up PBX for your business. As you can see, it is an easy process that doesn’t require the help of experts. Before you conclude the process, test to see that everything is working fine. Do you have further queries? Reach out to us by commenting below, and we will get back to you.

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