6 Yoga Poses for Neck and Shoulder Pain

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People develop various body complications in today’s era due to different lifestyles, consuming unhealthy foods, and lack of exercise.

Many people continue to suffer pain and discomfort in the neck and shoulder, resulting in severe complications if not treated earlier. It is imperative to do various and better poses to ease the pain and discomfort. Here are different poses.

Melting Heart Posture

This pose is suitable for flexible people who can move up and down, back and forth, without any challenges. If you can do a melting heart pose, you can be sure of effective results on your neck and shoulder because it eases soreness and tightness, making your body more flexible.

Begin by stretching your legs and hands forward while maintaining your legs at a 45-degree position as you create a curve in your backside. Do this repeatedly for effective results.

Neck Rolls

This is an ear to shoulder pose that relieves tension in the neck and stretches the muscles. Look for a comfortable place and stretch your hands on your knees. Maintain an upright position as you move your head left and right, moving slowly to avoid injuries.

Let your ear touch your shoulder as you push your head with one hand to the other shoulder. Continue to move both sides of your head to the center. This pose will give you immediate relief because it stretches the muscles in your neck.

Standing Forward Bend

This pose works effectively for people with tension around the shoulder because it eases the tension around the hip and calves, making you feel relieved.

This is an all-around pose that benefits most parts of your body apart from the neck and shoulder. It is a perfect pose that also relieves stress and makes your knees and thighs firmer.

Stand upright with your feet postponed forward and began moving downwards, stretching your hands towards your feet. Take a few minutes in the same position as you exhale slowly and repeat the process.

If you have issues with digestion, anxiety, insomnia, or frequent headaches, this pose will be ideal for you. It relieves many areas of your body. That is why it is imperative to learn more about it before you begin the exercise. You do not want to hurt your body when exercising. So, seek help earlier before you practice this pose.

If you enjoy practicing yoga and want to teach others, you can pursue yoga teacher training in Costa Rica or wherever you can find training closest nearby. Use google to find locations to learn. 

Two-Footed Pose

A two-footed pose enhances musculoskeletal areas in the whole body. This includes your spine, legs, shoulders, and chest. It also relaxes your mind and relieves stress-related symptoms.

Lie on your back and stretch your arms sideways with your palms facing forward. Ensure your legs remain lying flat on the ground and begin raising your butt slowly as you inhale.

Avoid moving your head during the process. Breathe about four to five times and exhale downwards. This pose plays a crucial role in strengthening and aligning your neck and shoulder.

Sphinx Pose

Sphinx pose is suitable when you’re beginning your workout journey. Lie on your stomach and raise your shoulder at a 45-degree angle while keeping your legs flat on the ground.

Begin raising your head gently as you lift your neck, arms, and legs as high as you can. You will begin experiencing a change in your back and neck as they stretch.

With your legs lying flat on the ground, hold the same position for about two to three minutes or even more if you can. Remember, this pose might cause a lot of tension on your neck if you’re not careful. So, you can complement it with a cow pose to avoid injuries.

Cow Stretch

A cow or cat pose stretches your neck and shoulder muscles effectively. It also strengthens other body organs such as the chest, enabling you to breathe better.

Place a mat on the floor and lie on your back with your knees bent. Then begin moving your back and shoulder gently in a circular motion together as your lower lip area touches your chest. Begin to exhale and inhale continuously for about eight to ten times before you stop.

The Bottom Line

The poses above can help you feel better and relieved from the pain and discomfort in your neck and shoulder. Some poses may not be easy and might also require dedication. That is why you need to remain focused to see changes immediately. 

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