8 Popular Fashion Trends To Follow In 2022

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2021 is sneaking on us faster than we could think of, and soon we’ll be at the end of it. This is good news because we are going to have the new year 2022. We look up to starting the year with a new start of fashion trends. And below are some trends we think you can start practicing for before the year dawns on us.

  1. Shades Of Yellow

Lemon, marigold, honey, buttercup, daffodil, banana, and more will be loud in 2022. One good thing about this trend is that you can customize it to fit any style of your choice

Warm undertones like honey or butterscotch look best, while cool shades like lemon work well with cooler undertones. You can, however, test out different shades and see which works best with your coloring.

  1. Fringe

In 2020, many people expected this to be the most popular and biggest trend in fashion. We all know how it turned out to be. But it has gathered its moss and tends to come back in 2022, this time around with a little spice of western-glam twist. You can do away with the super-long silky fringe that requires more brushing and detangling of your hair or the stereotypical suede fringe. This latest one works at combining the two for something better. Think of a pencil skirt that has a zigzag fringe at its hem or a white leather jacket that has a coordinating fringe at its top.

  1. Miniskirts

We’re actually into shorter hemlines that seem to have replaced the minidress craze over the past few years. There are many ways you can use to make this trend work best for you. Whether you prefer a leather mini or a pleated tennis skirt, or even a mini tent dress.

You can add polka dots tight or a pair of logo-adorned for a little more coverage that’s still a trend if you’re not that much keen on showing your legs off.

  1. More Y2k Love

The feast of the early 2000s isn’t over yet. Tons of runways showed even more of low-rise jeans, scarf tops, and butterfly everything. The time to jump on the bandwagon for those that have not done that is now. We honor Monroe Steele, a member of the Goterie, for her denim-on-denim trend on two y2k favorites.

  1. Corset Detailing

Forget about the actual corset or lingerie as daywear. Here, it’s about tops that borrow inspiration from waist-defining underwears made from fabrics and with seams down the torso and along the bust. This trend can be worn with a miniskirt or low waist jeans or give it a posher twist by choosing a top with matching trousers, almost resembling a suit. If you’re into more casual wear, you can add up a white T-shirt underneath and get a little bit more coverage and comfort.

  1. Beaded Embellishments

Improve your day-to-day outfit to something amazing with beads galore. This embellishment is suitable for those who may want to explore regality feelings without any commitment. Match a mini dress with stockings and an oversized puff jacket or chunky boots to keep it casual.

Add the beads to your jeans, jacket, or blouse, and mix them with different layers for an awesome look.

  1. Cut-Outs

We’ve seen this trend from the red carpet to the runway and everywhere. It is an easy way to be sexy and a great flashback to the rocking y2k aesthetic. You can put them on with skin tights such as flared trousers or leather skirts. You can also blend evening and casual wear by adding denim to the trend.

  1. Ruched Dresses

This trend has been turned on its head this season for it’s easily dressed up and always makes a great choice for any event. You might even like exaggerated gathering on a convertible dress. This style gives a great emphasis to the silhouette and is perfect for the transitional time.

Added elements such as fringe, mixed textures, or asymmetrical shoulders add more taste to the trend. Put on a few classic accessories such as leather gloves and gold jewelry.

Anything ranging from strappy sandals, sneakers, or knee boots can be fit for this trend’s footwear.

With these few fashion trends, we hope that as you end the year 2021, you have an idea of how you’re going to dress up for the next year’s spring.

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