Why Brand Naming & Taglines Matter?

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In the contemporary business environment, brand name and taglines have become more important than the product or service itself. Without a distinct brand identity which sticks with the target audience along with a succinct tagline which defines the brand, the business won’t have a chance to succeed. The first and foremost aspect of any company’s marketing campaign is devising a unique yet catchy brand name. Still not convinced why brand naming is important and why taglines matter? Let’s have a look at some companies who suffered due to poor brand names and slogans. 

ISIS Chocolates was renamed to Libeert in 2015.

Recently, a chocolate brand in Belgium operating since 1923 had to change its brand identity overnight due to its similarity with an infamous terrorist group; ISIS. Similarly last week IHOP changed its name to IHOB in order to show the brand’s shift from pancakes to burgers –this change sparked quite a buzz on social media. These two examples are a clear indication of how and why brand naming plays an important role in a business’s success. A brand’s name can either make or break a brand – therefore it is imperative to invest time and money in brand name and identity.   

A great brand name can provide your brand with the competitive edge it needs to stay ahead of all its competitors. The most successful brand names tend to overcome the identity of the service or product itself –for instance, Coke has become synonymous for Cola while Google is tantamount to search engine. In short, no matter how great your product or service might be, without a catchy and great brand name, it might not be able to succeed in a highly competitive market. Marketing experts who have a keen eye on recent market trends believe that brand naming and slogans are more important than ever.    

Now that we have understood why brand naming is important, let’s try to comprehend why taglines matter. Taglines, essentially play the role of describing the brand name in way which reinforces the brand identity. From Nike’s ‘just do it’ to McDonald’s ‘I’m lovin’ it’, every popular tagline has one common aspect –it resonates with the audiences and describes the brand’s message succinctly. Therefore, it is imperative that you empower your brand with the most effective yet simple tagline. An attractive brand name along with an effective yet short tagline can have positive impact on your current and future marketing campaigns.  

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