Five Celebrity Logos and What They Tell Us About Their Brands – By Alicia Rother

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Branding News | 1 comment

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Photo by Daria Volkova on Unsplash
Article By Alicia Rother

In the modern world, even celebrities are branding themselves. That’s because some celebrities don’t only make music or act in movies, they also have side hustles.  

There are many celebrities who’ve developed their own clothing lines, perfumes, and makeup brands. And as you know in order to sell products a logo needs to be attached to a brand in order for it to be instantly recognizable.   

 So what can you as a logo designer take from celebrity branding?  

Here we will mention the top 5 celebrity logo designs and what they can teach you. Perhaps these designs will give you the inspiration and tools you need to create a perfect logo for your company.   


  1. Versace’s Logo Design

In 1970 Gianni Versace was on his way to becoming a fashion designer and in 1972 he designed his first fashion collection. He was successful in his endeavours and decided to design his own logo so his work could be branded.  

Gianni grew up in Rome and was influenced by many of the Greek artwork he was surrounded by. He claimed that his inspiration came from the details on the floor of ruins in Rome.  

He specifically selected the Greek goddess Medusa as his logo because she had the power of making people fall in love with her at first sight. Versace hoped that his branding would have the same effect on his market.  

Image: Wikipedia 


What does it Tell You About the Brand? 

This type of logo is called an iconic logo because it’s simply an emblem of the goddess face. The logo doesn’t have any specific color scheme so it can easily be incorporated onto clothing of any hue 

Because the design looks like ancient Greek artwork it expresses the idea that the Versace brand is timeless and classic in design. It’s also unique so it will be recognized instantly by anyone who has a love for fashion.  


  1. Jessica Alba’s Logo for Organic Products 

Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company alongside Christopher Gavigan. The company makes organic products for babies. They created a logo for the company that depicts a flying butterfly with leaves for wings. 


Image: The Honest Company  


What does it Tell You About the Brand? 

The logo of the butterfly is a round emblem with a teal Pantone. The color of the logo is soft and evokes the feeling of tranquility. It’s also symbolic of colors in nature which represents the company’s use of organic ingredients. 

The butterfly’s wings are shown as leaves which also represent the company’s decision to keep their products purely organic. 

Because the target market are parents of babies, the butterfly is a deep representation of life, purity and hope. This is the exact qualities the brand incorporates into its products.  

  1. Draper James by Reese Witherspoon  

Reese Witherspoon founded her clothing line in 2015 with business partner Seth Rodsky. The clothing line is of Reese’s own personal style but aims to emphasize the fashion, accessories and interior design of Southern America 

The logo she created for her brand is in honor of her grandparents named Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon.  

Image: Draper James  


What does it Tell You About the Brand?  

Reese incorporated a magnolia flower on a disc with the initials of the company on either side of the flower. The linework on the logo is elegant and simplistic so it can be incorporated into any fashion accessory or clothing.  

Reese used the inspiration of where she lived to create her logo. She also used the initials of two people who she admires the most and that emphasized what Louisiana clothing is all about. The flower signifies ageappropriate sophistication as the target market is for ladies over 50.  


  1. Eminem’s Clothing LineLogo  

Eminem isn’t only a rap artist but he’s also an entrepreneur. He developed his own branded clothing line for people who are part of hip hop culture.  

 Eminem’s logo is quite clever as he used elements from his stage name and the area he grew up in. Eminem’s clothing logo is a capital “E” use backward which is the initial of his stage name. But the backward E also depicts the number three.    

 What does it Tell You About the Brand? 

Eminem grew up in Detroit USA, so he used his connection to this area for inspiration. As mentioned before the backward E also depicts the number three which is a visual effect of Detroit’s area code which is 313. 

Eminem’s backward E is in a bold typographical design and sometimes his name is featured in the spine of the E. The logo is featured on his website and on all his merchandise. This is a monogram logo design and symbolizes the rappers personality and his love for hip hop.  


  1. Drake’s Champagne Logo

Drake who is a Canadian rapper recently launched his own luxury champagne brand called Mod Selection 

The logo for the champagne is a monogram showing the name (Mod). It’s in a distinct sophisticated font and it’s in a platinum gold color. 


Image: Mod Selection 

What does it Tell You About the Brand?  

The champagne is described as “the purest expression of balance and terroir” which is probably why the M balances perfectly on top of the O and the D in the monogram styled logo. The gold could represent how rich and meticulous the craftsmanship is of the wine. 

 It’s also a luxury champagne so the color and font probably represent how expensive each bottle of wine is. 


Final Thoughts 

If you’re struggling to think of smart ways to design a unique and memorable logo for your company, do some research on famous celebrity logos. There is history and inspiration behind the designs and they can teach you valuable lessons you can incorporate into your own company logo 


Author Bio  

Alicia Rother is a freelance content strategist who works with small businesses and startups to boost their brand reach through creative content design and write-ups. You can connect with her here 


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